Christmas Gift Ideas

This post answers the following questions

1) What are the fantastic ideas to give your overseas guests?
2) When is the time of giving and a time to reflect over the year from your holiday home?
3) What are the two types of candles that you can give your visitors?
4) How do African beads are made?
5) What type of gift would be perfect for a newly married couple?

Traditionally Christmas is a time we spend with family and friends, a time of giving and a time to reflect over the year from your holiday home. However, the problem we face at Christmas is what we buy friends and family that come from near and far to celebrate with us.

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Here are four fantastic ideas to give your overseas guests:

Number One – African Style Candles

There are two types of candles that you can give your visitors: hand painted candles and frost painted candles. A hand painted candle is often used for home décor. This type of candle adds style and elegance to a home or office space. As a gift this is the more personalised choice, as they fit into a certain theme – for instance a heart shaped candle for a loved one.

A frost painted candle on the other hand is an ordinary candle that has been made to look extraordinary. These candles are traditionally kept to an African style, with pictures of African sunsets, animal prints of the big five (Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo), the two oceans and safari inspired frosting.

Number Two – African Styled Ceramics

A Ceramic is a non-metallic solid prepared by using heat and then cooling. The earliest form of ceramics is pottery. This could include a hand painted set of plates, spoons, cups and teapots, bowls or candle holders.

This type of gift would be perfect for a newly married couple as a reminder of their trip and a way to bring the ‘African’ culture to dining tables across the world.

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Number Three – African Styled Art Work

Often overseas visitors want a memoir of their travels, something to put in their office or home and reflect on their trip. There are a number of different gifts on can give, depending on the persons taste – one idea could be a picture of Table Mountain, a painting of the big five or a wooden carving of a African warrior shield.

Number Four – African Jewellery

African beads are traditionally hand made by Zulu and Ndebele tribe women. These tribal women have created a code for the size and colour of the beads. For instance, a blue bead is thought to enhance fertility, read bead is reserved for ceremonies, black beads imply age and wisdom, yellow beads mean a high rank and gold beads indicate a long life.

These four gift ideas are uniquely African and will give your overseas guests a chance to keep the African spirit with them and a way to remember their Christmas with fond memories.

I am Greg Jones – a property expert that loves adventure, fishing, hiking, and travelling. I plan to spend Christmas with loved ones around the world and I have decided to treat them with hand painted candles as a way to remember the fire of Africa.

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