Christmas Gift Giving Within a Corporate Environment

Christmas is an important time of the year for not only friends and families but also for businesses as well.  Gift giving is a not just a token of love or friendship but can also be a sign of appreciation as well.  Businesses that get involved with giving out gifts and also encourage their staff to do the same, do so will help to produce an atmosphere within their company that is always a positive one.  Embrace Christmas and ensure that everyone around you does too!

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Where to Start

For smaller businesses, giving gifts directly to employees is usually the easiest way to start the process.  The problem with a lot of businesses is that they feel they “have” to give their members of staff a gift rather than wanting to.  This is a forced environment and the gifts are not going to produce the effect that they should.

What a business should do is connect with their staff, discovering their personal hobbies and interests.  Really connecting with staff will ensure that a better longer term and working relationship is quickly established.  Purchasing items that the individual would really want or enjoy is going to make them feel highly valued within an organisation and everyone knows that knowing someone cares is a great feeling!

Keeping it Even

Giving out gifts during the Christmas period can sometimes be a lot harder than most people expect.  It is slightly unfair to spend twice as much on one individual than on another.  For this reason, it is worth planning out what gifts will be purchased for which individual and determining whether or not the distribution is going to seem fair on the big day.  This is incredibly important as those that receive much lower value gifts are likely to feel extremely undervalued, which will turn their positive mood into an extremely negative one incredibly quickly.

Encourage Gift Giving

Giving gifts directly to staff members will create a positive environment; but why stop there?  It is important to try and encourage members of staff to give each other gifts during the festive period of Christmas as well.  This creates a small buzz and a lot of excitement keeping everyone fresh and positive.  If the staff infrastructure is spread out into departments, suggesting ways for departments to swap gifts could be a good idea to get people talking and it could create a long lasting bond between members of a team.

Make a Big Deal of It

Christmas is a time that should be celebrated by everyone within a business.  Do not allow members of staff that are higher up in the hierarchy to experience the joy any more than others within a team.  A team effort is one that requires an input from each member of staff, regardless of their role, so making sure that Christmas is a similar scenario is going to ensure that staff members feel incredibly valued in their role and will set a great tone and mental attitude for the New Year.

The Grand Opening

Opening presents is an exciting time of the year for people of all ages.  Having a sense of belonging and community is something that not everyone is able to feel.  Some people have little or no family and no one to go home to.  Having that feeling of belonging and community in a work place will mean that they are much more likely to want to stay involved in the future and therefore they are going to do everything in their power to ensure that this is the case in the long term.  Never underestimate Christmas as sometimes it is the small things that make the big difference in the long term.

Whether you are organising secret Santa gifts personally, or encouraging staff members to do so, gift giving is an extremely important time of the year. Embrace the feeling of Christmas and help staff members to do the same throughout the festive period!

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