Choosing a Great Gift for Young Girl

If you have friends or family with young girls around the ages of about 5 to 8, it can often be difficult to find gifts for them, most likely because they have everything they want already! However, there are a few great gift ideas out there for you to decide from which will brighten up any little girl’s day. If you’re stuck trying to find an original present for a young girl, any of the ideas below will be great choices.



Little girls love purses because they give them an opportunity to act like mum. They will find all sorts of things to put in their purse, play money, crayons, books or anything else that takes their fancy. Young children love this sort of present because they think that owning a purse means they are very grown-up, if you know the child you are looking to buy for doesn’t already have a purse, you’ll be a very popular person if you get her one as a present.


You may think that a book is a boring or unimaginative gift to buy a small girl, but the chances are they would be much happier with a book gift that you would personally. Young children are happiest when they are learning something, even if they might not realise it. Children value books highly amongst their possessions, especially their favourite storybooks. Choose a colourful storybook with a fun plot and you’re bound to get it right.


Dolls are something that young girls cannot get enough of, so don’t worry if the child you’re buying for already has plenty, they will still be delighted with one more. The choice of dolls for girls this age is frankly overwhelming, but why not try and find an educational doll that will be fun for her as well? A Girl for all Time produce historical dolls which teach young girls about British history as they play. They currently make Matilda, a Tudor doll and Amelia, a Victorian. Both dolls can be dressed up in fashions from the era which any young girl will love doing.

Arts and Crafts

All children enjoy making things and if you buy them something that they can make and keep, they’ll be extremely pleased with their handiwork. There is a fantastic range of crafts sets available for young children and some that are aimed at girls such as paint your own wellies, design your own pyjamas and make your own jewellery box will go down well with the lucky little girl in question.

Board Games

They may be seen as old fashioned, but board games are still good fun for both young boys and girls. There is a wide choice of board games on the market from old family favourites such as Scrabble and snakes and ladders to new games based on your little girl’s favourite television shows and films. Most kids have a surprising amount of patience with board games and you might find their attention level with the game lasts longer than yours!

A Girl For All Time are an international supplier and retailer of award-winning dolls. Their dolls make exceptional gifts for girls; whether it is a birthday or Christmas.

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