Buying Original Birthday Gifts Online

It’s often a struggle finding a birthday present that hasn’t already been given, and to ask what that someone wants spoils the surprise. Finding something original can be a real hit and you can be reasonably sure of a gift that’s unique and makes their day.

The best choices are online, a wealth of ideas from delightfully engraved goods to a gift experience such as a pamper session, photo makeover, weekend break, driving experience from supercars to tanks; there are very many to choose from.


A vineyard tour and tasting experience might appeal to some – it involves a visit round the vineyard to see how the vines are grown and the tour ends with a tasting session of the best wines! Another option would be a brewery tour which demonstrates the beer making process, the choices of barley and hops, and a visit to the bottling and labelling hall. And again, you get to taste the beer.

Something unusual would be the gift of a Laird or Lady title. This really can be done online and the presented document is legal and valid. Your gift will give the right to use the title, a small plot of land on a Scottish estate to own, a presentation certificate with details and pictures of the estate and it can even be passed down in a will. There are plenty of sites on the internet to choose from.

You might however prefer a gift that can be kept, something personalized for instance. If the present’s for a child a nice idea is a special book where their own name can be magically uploaded into the story. Or how about choosing a tee shirt with a special picture or message on the front? Another suggestion is a bottle of champagne or malt whisky inscribed with a chosen birthday greeting on the label – almost anything can be personalized if you look hard enough.

Something engraved however is rather tasteful and appropriate for a special day and will last forever, a reminder of a birthday, a real keepsake in today’s disposable world. Choosing such a gift shows you care and have made extra effort to think about what the person would like.

There are plenty of choices, quality items like stylish hip flasks for either the men or the ladies, and stunning pocket watches or cigarette lighters. Cufflinks are still favourites, and there are even attractive powder compacts that come in different shapes – even heart shaped for someone special. The engraving is professionally done with your chosen message, sentimental value to treasure always.

Keith Barrett believes that engraved hip flasks can make unique gifts. It can be hard to track down the right birthday presents, but it’s certainly possible to do so.


  1. rose ann rulona says:

    It is an advantage that e-commerce is present all over the world with the use of the internet. Aside from minimizing your time, you are far from struggling in finding a birthday gift during the last minute!

  2. Beverly Dalman says:

    Sometimes it is hard to get original birthday gifts on the web. Whatever you have in mind to give as birthday present may already have been posted. However, you still have a choice to contact any manufacturer and request for your specific designs,styles, or dimensions of the gift you want to give.

  3. jason Flores says:

    Buying original gift is a brilliant idea. It is unique and very accessible during this time . But we have to consider the availability of internet in some countries and places.

  4. sirwilly says:

    I haven’t tried this, but seemingly looking and buying something original gift on-line makes it unique. It can be a relief and hassle free from scouting to malls putting extra time and effort to look and ask questions to sales clerks about certain items. Having this idea, delivery would really be surprising for the person special to you.

  5. ..I have to agree,finding gifts for friends is really hard,most specially if you would give them a gift for their birthday and another one on Christmas.Though,I like the idea of purchasing online,I think that it is still risky to buy goods online.You may be a victim of fraud,or your purchased item might be destroyed during shipping.I like all the ideas suggested,they’re worth trying.

  6. Sounds interesting! I never thought those peculiar ideas are available now just for the purpose of giving it as a gift. I like the idea of being called a Lady. The wine and beer tasting is sure to be a great hit. You don’t only get to taste it but you get to keep the memory of doing it as well. Cheers!

  7. Klarisse Jane Hornada says:

    My special someone’s birthday is coming up next month. . I usually have trouble when it comes to gift-giving ideas. I constantly pressure myself with it which often results to not giving anything at all. Buying gifts online are very convenient and it helps save you time, especially when you’re in a hurry to find the perfect gift. 🙂

  8. Eliz Jasmin Mijares says:

    Cool. My husband’s birthday is coming up on July 30, and I don’t have idea what should be the best gift. I dont have much time on going to department store. This post really helps me a lot figuring out.

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