6 Tips For Choosing Appropriate Gifts For Kids

It is a well known fact that gifts light up any child`s face but what is not known to many is how to choose an appropriate gift. Below are 6 tips I have come up with to help you plan your gift choices.

  1. Ask the parent for ideas. If the child is not yours, ask the parent what they may like. They may have a good idea of what the child may have been hinting about. Brainstorm on the kids’ gifts that you think are most appropriate and double check with the parent. This way you are sure not to get it wrong.
  2. Get something that benefits the child in a meaningful way.  Depending on the age of the child, you could get toys that help develop certain specific areas of their growth. There are those which help language development, build social skills, hand-eye coordination and so on.
  3. You cannot go wrong with fun and educational toys as gifts. There are so many suppliers of toys, you are more than guaranteed of getting something for any age. If you are buying for children below 3, it is wise to stay away from toys with small parts to avoid risk of swallowing.  Look for things that have labels for 3 years and upwards. Good examples here are building blocks and big floor puzzles. Buy toys which allow them to think as they love to use mental stimulation at this age.
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  5. Align your gifts to religious orientation. If you know the religious orientation of people you are getting a gift for, something that is in line with it would most likely be appreciated. For instance, if they are Christian, there are many ways to please both kids and adults. Several bookshops stock a wide selection of inspirational gifts, books and kids’ gifts. Great ideas are mugs, key holders, journals with verses (especially for girls) and bible story books for children.
  6. The child needs to relate to the gift. Whatever gift you decide to get, let it be related to something the child can relate to. Many kids’ toys are often based on a movie or cartoon. Kids love cartoons, therefore buying cartoon character toys would be great. Popular cartoons such as Toy story and Transformers would make a good choice. Towels or mugs with their favourite characters are great ideas too.
  7. Tickets for shows. Buying tickets for concerts or shows is a great gift idea for kids. There is need however to get clearance from the parents before spending money.

There are many ways in which you can get a gift that will be appropriate. Childhood stage is critical so search thoroughly. Keep in mind that too much of anything is not good.

The author Len is a researcher and writer. She especially enjoys writing about parenting. The use of kids gifts, especially toys, in assisting growth has been an exciting area of research for her.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fsse-info/4445981302/

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