What Is Japanese Knotweed Control?

Gardening is a fantastic hobby and an important activity which keeps us healthy as well as keeping our gardens looking great. However the bane of the gardeners’ life is the dreaded weed. There are countless types of weed, and in fact the term weed can be used for just about any type plant you don’t want to grow. However Japanese Knotweed is one type of weed that all gardeners will usually try to get rid of.
Japanese Knotweed originates in Asia and Japan. All around Europe and the USA, the weed has become an ‘invasive species’. Since gardeners ordinarily get rid of weeds, there are methods of controlling the spread of this weed type, and this is known as ‘Japanese Knotweed Control’.
Japanese Knotweed Control is quite simply the method by which the weed is controlled through the destruction of the weed using herbicides, as well as other methods. Herbicides help prevent the growth of weeds by travelling down to the root of the weed. One such herbicide is Glyphosate. Glyphosate works by penetrating through the whole plant, and then travelling to the root. Another common method of getting rid of the weed is simply digging up the weeds. However, the disposal of the plant is difficult, and by UK law, Japanese Knotweed is classed as controlled waste. More economically tested methods are being carried out, instead of using harmful chemicals and herbicides. One such economical method is called ‘Soil Steam Sterilisation’. This method involves injecting steam into contaminated soil in order to kill subterranean plant parts.

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In the UK, it is illegal to plant harmful weeds into any soil, and this includes Japanese Knotweed. In fact, one of the UK’s control measures to get rid of the weed is introducing one of its predators, the Japanese psyllid insect. The insects’ primary food is the plant, and therefore this is an effective way of controlling the spread of the plant.
Just like other weeds, Japanese Knotweed tries to starve other plants of sunlight, and that is one of the reasons gardeners will fight tooth and nail to get rid of it. In Japan, the weed grows considerably in the wild, and the Japanese even think of it as a delicacy. Apparently, the weed has a similar texture to asparagus, but is in fact quite sour, and has to be boiled before being eaten. The Japanese name for the Knotweed is ‘Sansi’, and is actually classed as a wild vegetable, although it is not a major crop.

The article was written by David Fairhurst from www.jknotweed.com, experts Japanese Knotweed Control.

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