What A Bamboo Entry Door Says About Your Home

Bamboo is an ancient evergreen plant native to China. It is used in medicine, food, textiles, and even weaponry. But what does it say about your home? Bamboo is very symbolic to the Chinese culture. In their culture, to be surrounded by bamboo is to be at home. When the leaves of a the sprout cross one another, they form something similar to the Chinese character for “tranquility.” It is said to represent the season of summer, which, when humanized, is a gentleman with integrity, a perfect balance of grace and strength, and accommodating flexibility.

It also shows the strength of one’s own character. Bamboo is a very strong plant, able to withstand extremely high and violent winds. It bends with the wind. It may even bend so far as to touch the ground, but it will not snap, even though hollow on the inside. It’s delicate exterior is nothing for its ability to change with it’s surroundings.

Bamboo needs little care to flourish and grow. Personified, it shows a life of simplicity, as it produces neither fruit nor flowers, but merely sprouts of small greenery. The plant also shows respect to one’s elders. The younger shoots that form at the top of the evergreen do not come off at the same angle as the older ones below it so that the elder buds may also receive sunlight. However, when the newer shoots protrude from the bottom of the plant, the elder leaves are used to shade them. These symbols show the young caring for the old, and in return, the old protect the young.

The Chinese aren’t the only ones, however, who regard the plant with the utmost respect and care. It’s long life may symbolize longevity in Chinese culture, but in Indian, it shows a strong and long bond of friendship. For the Vietnamese, it is a sign of the soul, optimism, unity, and adaptability. Bamboo stalks can often be found on routes to Buddhist temples to create a meditative and more peaceful environment.

Bamboo has many different ties from all over the world, and just as many attributes. What is says about your household can be any number of things ranging from respect to a helping hand to a peaceful, welcoming environment. However, no matter if you live in America, hail from China, or have your roots anywhere in between, a bamboo entry door is one way to make any guest feel welcomed in to your home.

Peter Wendt is a freelance article writer residing in the great state of Texas.  In his free time, he enjoys checking out design-work.  Recently, he has been very interested in bamboo-products and found this bamboo entry door site to be very enlightening to his eyes and home.

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