How to Choose a Landscape Contractor

A landscaping project is a serious undertaking – and not one to be entered into lightly. Hiring a landscaping contractor means you will be opening your home to a crew of landscapers for a certain period of time. It also means you will be trusting that the group knows how to expertly complete the project your hire it to do. Wondering how to choose a landscaping contractor? Here are four simple considerations.

Know What You Want
When you tell a friend that you are considering doing a bit of “landscaping,” you might mean that you want a few more boxwoods lining your driveway. On the other hand, you could be trying to say that you have finally decided to bite the bullet and install the pool you have always wanted, plus add an attractive outdoor patio and kitchen area to make your summers more fun. This vast difference in projects shows that “landscaping” can mean a host of options. Knowing exactly what projects you want to attempt in your yard will help you narrow down your landscaping contractor search based on who can fit your total landscaping desires.

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Look at Specialties
Once you know what you want, you have to know exactly what each contractor can provide. A landscaping project should not turn your life upside down and you will, of course, want the project to be finished quickly. Choosing a contractor that can serve all of your needs will make this possible. This streamlines the landscaping process and gives your one contract to sign and one contractor with whom you will work. Checking into specialties ensures the contracting company can do the job themselves and not hire someone else, which can add to the project’s time.

Ask for References
As with any hiring process, you need to ask for references. Just because the contractor says they can do a certain job, does not mean they can do it well. References, including pictures of finished projects, let you see the what the landscaping contractor is able to create. You will also find out what former clients thought about the ease of working with the company, trustworthiness, and other important factors that truly matter when you are getting into a business relationship – especially one that takes place at your home.

Ask About Guarantees
Knowing what a contractor guarantees is extremely important. Plants can look gorgeous when first put in the ground, but it is not transplanted well, you could have a dead tree that cost a few hundred dollars. Similarly, a leaky pool will be a serious drain in your pocket. A landscaping company that guarantees they will fix a poorly done job will be a reassurance in the hiring process. And while a bad job is a serious reason to have a guarantee, promises of maintenance are equally important.

Liz Childers writes about landscaping topics for Grandview Outdoor.


  1. Rhia Cabildo Tobias says:

    This is very helpful. My mom really wants to make our garden beautiful but because of expensive land scaper, she just do it on her own. But seeing this article, I think she better look for a good landscape Contractor.

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