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All serious gardeners know that certain tools are essential: shovel, rake, gloves. However, having a few more tools in your arsenal may make gardening easier and more enjoyable for you. Who really enjoys an achy back from being bent over weeding all day, right? Most of these tools are $30 or less and because of their simplicity can last for a long time. Here is a quick look at some gardening tools you may want to try next time you are out working in the garden.

Long Handled Weeder

There are several brands and varieties available, but the basic idea is no more bending over to pick up weeds by hand. For example, the hoe-matic consists of a hoe blade on one side and forked prongs on the other side. The tool allows you to get close to your plants while weeding, and the forked prongs can carry debris away. Another kind has two gripping prongs that you place over the weed, push down into the soil with a foot lever and then yank up with the long wooden handle.

Garden Knife

For those wanting to get close to the plants while still speeding up the weeding process, a garden knife can quickly pick up weeds, and it can also double as a shovel.

Pole Pruner

Gardeners with fruit trees may want to consider a pole pruner. These handy devices allow you to prune branches that are too high to reach. It consists of a lightweight pole with a saw blade head on the end. The pole is easy to use and extend to 54 inches.

Garden Cart

Between seed selection, watering buckets and tools, a gardener has a lot to keep track of and haul around with them. A basic garden cart can simplify this by organizing all of the tools and seeds while being easily transportable. This is especially important if you have an extensive garden plot where you lose valuable time trekking back and forth from the garage.

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Garden Fork

This device is similar to a pitchfork, but it has much thicker tines. It can quickly loosen soil to prepare it for planting. A tiller may be more effective in large areas, but for small, raised beds, a garden fork does the trick.

Lightweight Hose

For those older gardeners who can’t bend the way they used to, instead of carrying heavy buckets around, consider using a lightweight hose that stretches up to 50 feet and recoils to three feet. As a bonus the hose won’t tangle.

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