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When choosing the right landscaping approach for indoors, it is important to create spaces that are in harmony with the interior design and the style of furniture. That being said, there are many ways plants and pots can be placed in offices and living areas in a way that they look in place and have a function. No matter if the plants are there just to add warmth to the space or to divide areas; they might be fantastic and stunning features of every home or office. Find out how you can also use the best interior landscaping practices proclaimed by designers.

Choose the Right Spots

The most important thing is to find the right spots for the plants – whether it’s for landscaping an office or your home. It is recommended not to place them in the middle of the room as their function is going to be mainly to complement the existing design.

You will also need to consider the specifics of the plant: some of them can simply not be placed in the way of direct sunlight. You also need to leave space around the plants to grow and so that they can be watered on a regular basis. Larger pots with green plants can also be used to divide space.

Get Inspired by Nature

When making plants a prominent feature of the interior design, one must create harmony. This means that furniture needs to be selected to resemble natural colours and shapes. Soft lines and harmonious designs match with plants perfectly. A Yucca tree with a designer-light chair made of natural materials will create harmony and peace in the office space. Plants with flowers can be selected to match the colours of the interior and create a great atmosphere.

Add a Bit of Feng Shui

There are some plants that are better for Feng Shui than others. However, plants in Feng Shui are all considered to deliver “Chi” which is a type of vibrant energy. Therefore, you can add functionality to your interior design with landscaping, while creating stunning decoration. Areca Palm and Boston Fern are known for their air purifying qualities, and they are equally suitable for offices and homes.

However, cactuses are not recommended to be used for interior landscaping, according to Feng Shui, as they attract undesired energy. The Southern areas of the interior should always be decorated with plants.

Colours for Purpose

Green is known for its positive effects on health and thinking. Therefore, by simply placing pots without flowers in the indoor area, one can improve the atmosphere. Matching the colours of the indoor office plants with the pots’ shade and the furniture will create more harmony and an excellent visual experience.

Do you have any advice for budding designers for interior landscaping?

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