Why Use A Swivel Tub?

Swivel tub chairs are some of the most versatile home decor seating available. Coming in a variety of styles, patterns, and solid colors allows them to be used with almost any decor. The added mobility makes them easy to rearrange to change the look of a room within seconds. The oversized nature makes them perfect for a variety of locations and activities. And and prices that can be afforded by almost anyone they make a great addition to any room.


Go for a solid leather look if for a contemporary style, or stylized prints to evoke a retro feel. Mixing and matching can help create a unique look; imagine a variety of swivel tubs arranged and balanced to bring different styles together around an oversized coffee table. They can bring unique personality into an otherwise bland room.

Fun and Versatile

Lets be honest; swiveling chairs are still fun. It can bring back memories of childhood to just let loose and spin around for a moment–like an everyday form of stress relief. They make it easy to change your attention from one task to another, while still maintaining a sense of styles that is lost with a dull, boring office swivel. Imagine the jealous looks coworkers will give when they see you working in comfort, while they toil away in unpadded despair. Particularly well suited to a home office or study, swivel tubs are a blend of style and productivity. Once done with work for the day, they can just zip over to the other side of the room, ready to cozy up near the fireplace with a good novel. They are just big enough to keep a child on your lap–perfect for story time with the kids. That isn’t the end though. In the workplace, they could be seating for the conference room, or the employee lounge. Use them in a community center for seating that is not only practical, but entertaining. They can even be wheeled outside in fair weather for patio furniture with comfort second to none.


The best part is the price. At ~£175.00 they are furniture that will work within any budget. Pieces can be accumulated over time; there is no need to go out and spend thousands of pounds on an entire furniture set including sofa, loveseat, chairs, pillows and ottomans all at once. Swivel tubs allow the collection to be built at a comfortable pace, adapting style to new trends as the design of the room is built. For a full variety of swivel tub chairs, visit tubchairs.com. With a full collection of versatile, stylish pieces, there is sure to be something to fit the needs of any space. Be sure to check out the clearance section for quality furniture at rock bottom prices.

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