What Is Shabby Chic Furniture?

Shabby chic furniture comprises of antique furniture the looks purposefully worn or aged for aesthetic  purposes. It is a piece of quality work specifically designed by someone who is an expert in this field. This type of furniture gives an old, worn-out look that is very popular in both the UK and France. Shabby chic furniture makers adopt Classic French and Glass furniture styles in the furniture making process including:

  • Vintage
  • Mix of old and new designs



Types of shabby chic furniture

Shabby chic furniture is painted with different layers of paints to highlight and accentuate distressed areas of the furniture. Then, in order to give it a vintage touch, the top of the furniture is rubbed off with a sand paper to make the wooden tincture visible. It is important that furniture makers follow every step carefully in order to achieve the desired look associated with this style as, failure to do so, often leads to the paint looking ‘gummy’ and unattractive.


White or pastel colours are extremely eminent in this furniture type with antique white and cream coloured furniture dominating this furniture industry. Chest draws, dressing tables and cabinets are extremely popular that people love to purchase for their homes. Vintage iron beds are also very common in this form of furniture, along with rockers, settees, loveseats and bookshelves.

The shabby chic trend started in the UK and has now become a popular style of furniture across the globe. France hosts the strongest heritage when it comes to the making and designing of quality shabby furniture. As items don’t need to match within this style, recycling up upcycling old furniture is an economical way to make new use of unwanted furniture when decorating any room in this style.



Materials required

Many different materials are required if you want to make your own shabby chic furniture by recycling your old ones. It is important to study various guides available online to get your own look of this furniture. Moreover, consultation with an expert in this field can help you in many ways as well. Some of the most common materials you’ll need are:

  • Paint in white, antique white or pale cream
  • Varnish
  • Sand paper for rubbing
  • Masking tape

It isn’t necessary to paint the entire furniture. Sometimes, the original colour is more appealing and it should be left as it is to preserve the value and uniqueness of the furniture. Damaged furniture can be repainted for protection. The finishing of the paint should be rough in order to give it a shabby look. Any form of dirt should be dusted off before painting.

Masking tape is used for those parts of the furniture which you do not wish to paint, like mirrors and handles. The tape acts as a protector and saves them from getting stained with paint. It can be easily peeled off from the furniture without leaving any scratch or mark on it.

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