Leather Sofas vs. Fabric Sofas: The Pros And Cons

Your sofa will probably be the biggest piece of furniture in your living room and it will see a lot of use over its lifetime, so when it comes to buying a new sofa, you want to be sure that the sofa you choose will be attractive, comfortable and durable, serving you and your family for years to come. The first choice you’ll need to make when choosing a sofa is whether to go for a leather sofa or a fabric sofa. To help you choose, read on for the pros and cons of both.

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Leather: The Pros

A leather sofa has a long lifespan as it will withstand years of wear and tear without showing its age as a fabric sofa might. Plus, spillages are not an issue with leather sofas and can be wiped off easily with a wet cloth, keeping your sofa looking as good as new. Many people opt for leather sofas because of their sleek, contemporary appearance that will fit in beautifully with the décor in any modern home.

Leather: The Cons

Some people find that leather sofas, although contemporary, can look and feel cold and aren’t as inviting and cosy as fabric sofas. There is also comparatively less variety when it comes to the range of colours and styles of leather sofas available and, although stains can be easily washed off, leather scratches easily.

Fabric: The Pros

Fabric sofas come in a wide range of colours and styles, so you have more choice when it comes to picking a sofa for your living room. Thanks to the variety on offer, it might be easier to choose a fabric sofa to match your colour scheme or décor. As previously mentioned, many people find fabric sofas to be cosier and more inviting than leather sofas. In addition, many fabric sofas come with removable covers which can be washed to keep your sofa looking spick and span.

Fabric: The Cons

On the downside, fabric sofas do stain easily, so you’ll have a harder time removing food or wine stains than you would with a leather sofa, and fabric sofas will show their age more quickly than leather sofas, wearing and tearing more easily. Another disadvantage of fabric sofas is that they can look dated compared to their sleek, leather counterparts.

So when you’re wandering around showrooms, trying to pick a sofa for your home, weigh up the pros and cons of leather and fabric sofas to help you choose a sofa that will suit your home and your lifestyle.

This article was written by Andrew Wallace who has designs both fabric and leather sofas.

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