Inexpensive Tricks To Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Budget Dining Room


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For most homeowners, the dining room is an area of restoration. It is a place to kick back after a tiresome day, delve into some home-made grub and jabber on about your daily exploits. Therefore it comes as no surprise that adornment of the dining room has become a customary venture for most house-proud individuals. So, how can you add a touch of glamour to your dining area without being too harsh on your bank balance? Follow these easy-on-the- pocketbook tricks and glamorise your dining room today!

1. If You can’t Duplicate it, Fake it.  Not everyone is able to  splurge on luxurious  chandeliers and you shouldn’t have to either! It’s just a case of delving into some intense net-searching. The internet boasts of replicas of almost any designer piece and at a fraction of the price you’d pay for the original. Imitation items are not always lacking in quality and can be really convincing, sometimes even to those specialised in the field.

2. Go Green.  Why not incorporate a plant pot or two? Plant-life is pleasing to the eye and can help to create a more vibrant and natural feel to your dining room. They also house many health benefits, including the removal of toxins in the air and helping to fight fatigue and colds. As far as must-have decorative items go, plants are definitely one of the cheaper options and if you’re lucky, you might even bag yourself one for free. Be careful though assome house plants can be potentially hazardous. It may be better not to be too creative on this one and opt for the typical peace lily.

3. Set the Scene. Any dull room can be quickly transformed with a bit of adornment. Decorative ornaments are the cut-price way to jazz up your room and best of all, it takes next to no time or effort at all. The ornaments do not have to be particularly elaborate to make a statement and can range from a simple candle to intricately designed tapestry. Some ideas include opaque vases, patterned napkin holders, bold picture frames and embellished lamp shades.

4. Dining Furniture.  Contemporary dining furniture, whether it is traditionally wooden or modern with a high gloss finish, it is a mandatory feature in the dining room. Not only is it practically relevant (Where will you eat?), but adds a feeling of warmth and can transform an area of dining to one of indulging. Budget dining sets do not always compromise on quality and style, just be sure to choose one that complements the space and has a certain Je ne sais quoi.

5. Dine in the Limelight. Lighting is  a crucial factor in setting the atmosphere of a room. Dim lighting can create the illusion of cosy intimate space, whilst a bright room makes it  more functional and busy.  Besides, the way lighting is introduced into a room can also make an impact. Ceiling pendants, table lamps, fitted lights, illuminated mirrors, novelty lights – the list is endless and only a homeware store away.

Follow the above as a tick-list guide and you should be close to getting the dining room everyone dreams of without spending a hefty fortune.

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