How To Retain A Sense Of Comfort In Modern Interiors

Creating a more modern aesthetic in the home does not necessarily mean making the home feel colder or more minimalistic. You can still enjoy a comfortable, warm and lived-in atmosphere at home even when you are resisting the temptation to go for more rustic design and instead looking at modern décor.

Modern décor usually relies on the same elements as traditional décor – it’s just that the actual styles in question are different. As such, things like rugs, coffee tables, settees, wall art, fireplaces, window coverings, throws, cushions and so on are still used for their practical and aesthetic benefits in modern lounge areas, but they usually feature more modern patterns and finishes.
It’s important not to confuse modern style with minimalism because the two simply aren’t interchangeable. Resisting modern design because it’s minimalistic makes very little sense even in open plan environments and this becomes evident when you describe a lovely modern open plan living area.

That area might benefit from low-maintenance but attractive laminate flooring, a feature wall painted a nice bold colour and offset by pale walls adding brightness to the space. In the one part of the room you might find a cool dining table surrounding by comfortable dining chairs below a modern art print.

There may be bookshelves lived up against the wall and attractive lighting creating a warm environment throughout the space which leads into a sitting area occupying more open space.

modern interiors

This space may be home to a thick and luxurious modern rug with a solid coffee table on top of it. The rug may be surrounded by modern seating, either fabric or leather and there may be modern throws and cushions in bold colours and patterns on the settees and armchairs.
There may be a nest of tables for warm drinks, a modern reading lamp in the corner, an attractive modern fire burning away on the wall, a contemporary console or bookshelf holding pictures and photographs, more contemporary art work on the walls and another feature wall complementing the one in the dining room.

It hardly sounds like a cold and uncomfortable space. It’s just that the items of furniture and the soft furnishings feature modern colour schemes and patterns instead of traditional ones. They emphasise fun and warmth and comfort – all attractive qualities – rather than the cold sense of sophistication that many people wrongly associate with the words modern and contemporary.

It’s worth flicking through a few life and style magazines to see how others have achieved a modern sense of style in the home without making it feel any less comfortable. The internet is also a great resource for inspiration in this capacity.

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