Four Clever Ideas to Keep Your Furniture Looking New

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1) How to keep your furniture looking like new?
2) Why should you need to be smart from the start?
3) How regular cleaning double the usable life of your furniture?
4) Who is a curator for a well-known antique shop?
5) What to do with throws & covers?

Let’s face it buying furniture is no small task. It takes a great deal of planning, shopping and significant investment. As we begin to furnish our home or upgrade, redecorate or update our existing look we face the challenge of purchasing pieces that work together in terms of color, texture, material and function while remaining within our budget. For some of us that means buying a combination of new and used pieces and why not asking relatives to gives us their new to us pieces to repurpose and restore. Once our rooms are put together our goal should be to preserve the beauty and cleanliness of each one of our pieces. This will have a significant impact in our budget and in the enjoyment of our home.  Recently I had the opportunity to interview my friend Magdalene who is a curator for a well-known antique shop and the owner of a gorgeous home decorated in the best of tastes. I asked Magdalene about her secrets to keeping her furnishings in showroom condition and she kindly shared five awesome tips that I now share with you.

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Be Smart from the Start  

Selecting superior quality pieces fabricated with materials that lend themselves to cleaning and restoration in essential to maintaining a like-new look. For wood pieces this means avoiding the purchase of laminated pieces and opting for solid wood. Select woods with surfaces that do not have an acrylic finish and instead offer a waxed or naturally varnished look. For fabrics and upholstery select pre-treated, easy to wash and durable materials in colors that wear well.

Clean is King

Regular cleaning, polishing and maintenance can more than double the usable life of your furniture. When dust remains in fabrics for a long time the particles become solidified and it can be virtually impossible to remove it. In the case of wood furniture when larger dust particles are manipulated over the surface they can create microscopic scratches wearing down the finish and diminishing the value of the piece.

 Throws & Covers

The arms of sofas and chairs as well as the backs are exposed to a great deal of sweat and grease as a result of regular use. You can protect these areas using coordinated washable throws. For your tables and flat surfaces consider the use of tablecloths, small lace doilies and cork coasters to reduce the wear during use.

Refinish and Repurpose

Vintage pieces benefit from natural wear and tear. If your pieces have become too worn consider looking at them in a different light. What once was part of your living room can now become a sweet accessory for your sunroom providing a retro-chic look. To conserve the look of a painted piece that has peeled just a little opt for waxing the surface with beeswax. Don’t be afraid to try your hand at reupholstering with a little bit of courage, creativity, scissors and tacks and fabric you can have an older sofa or chair looking like new in no time at all.

Stella Luna Brown is a homemaker and antique collector in Collin County. She keeps her furniture and carpets looking good with the professional help of Master’s Touch a reliable carpet cleaning in Mckinney TX.

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