Why the Made to Measure Bed is an Amazing Piece of Furniture

Beds! What a fantastic invention of mankind. Many people say the wheel was the greatest invention this human race has witnessed, but if you’ve ever slept in an ultra-comfy bed, then I’m sure you’d contest that fact. In recent times, technological advancements have made beds even comfier. They can now be made to measure and can be customised to accommodate those of us who have mobility issues. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the wonderful benefits of a made to measure bed.

Fitting your environment

Each and every bedroom is different. Some of us have loads of space; some of us have just enough room to breathe. Bedrooms come in so many different shapes and sizes that your standard, factory issued bed may be a terrible match with your bedroom.

Made to measure beds are just that; made to measure. You can opt to go as large or as small as you want. So, if you love sprawling out like a starfish you’ll be accommodated. Or, if you’re bedrooms quite confined and you just need a little more room, then you can get a bed that fits your environment perfectly. The best thing about made to measure is that the choice is yours!


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Protecting your body

Nowadays, many beds are made with health in mind. Around one in five of us will suffer from some form of back pain, and many of us have muscle aches and pains on a daily basis. As we spend around one third of our entire lives in our bed, it’s important that we protect our posture and muscles when we’re in the land of nod.

Made to measure beds are usually ergonomic as standard, but many can be adapted by certain companies to offer the best protection possible to your body. They can be constructed to include a made to measure memory foam mattress, which has extensive scientific proof of its muscle and posture protecting benefits.

Mobility helpers             

There are companies out there who can develop an orthopaedic bed to your exact mobility needs. Not all of us are afflicted with the same mobility issues, so having a bed to help with a particular issue can be very beneficial indeed. Whether you need a bed to help you sit up in the morning or a bed that can elevate your feet, there is a solution.

Often, the height of a bed and even its general shape can be adjusted to improve your mobility. If your current bed isn’t helping, and you want a bed that has functions tailored to you, then the made to measure bed really is the sensible choice.

More than just a bed

Now you know why a made to measure bed is much more than just a bed. They’re also not as expensive as you think, and most of the time the benefits far outweigh the expense!

Stuart Withers is an internet author, copywriter, and SEO pro who loves a comfy night’s sleep. He recommends Theraposture if you want to find out more about made to measure beds. They are are specialist manufacturers of bespoke beds for those with mobility issues.

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