Why Is A Heated Towel Radiator The New Bathroom Necessity?

Most people would ask why they would choose a heated towel radiator over a normal white radiator. Well, there are many reasons, the most obvious being that they look so much more stylish. You can also choose pretty much any size and shape you can imagine. Heated towel radiators have been around for years but they were only ever seen in the top hotels around the world; now however they are a common feature in many homes.

As common as heated towel radiators have become, for those that are still to be introduced there are a lot of questions to be asked. Many people will not come across heated towel radiators until they move house or decide to renovate their bathroom and the most common question is how are they a benefit and what’s the difference between a heated towel radiator and a standard white one? To start with, you can hang more than three towels from them due to their helpful, ladder like, design – lack of space has always been the issue with standard radiators, heated towel radiators help you overcome this issue.

heated towel radiator

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Here are a few of the most common questions that are asked about heated towel radiators, and their answers.

  • What size would I need? It depends on the size and insulation of your bathroom. If your bathroom is small and well insulated then you won’t require as much heat to warm up the room, consequently meaning that you could get away with a smaller radiator. On the other hand, whether you have a small room or ample space the choice is up to you; although there are obviously more restrictions the smaller the room.
  • What sizes do they come in? There is a wide range of standard options, the smallest being 800mm in height x 300mm width up to rails of 1800mm both ways – although they can be larger. If you require something of a particularly special size because your bathroom is too small to fit even the smallest standard radiator then you can have them custom made to your requirements.
  • Can they heat your entire bathroom? This again depends on the size of the room and how good the insulation is – as well as how efficient the heated towel radiator is.

Heated towel radiators are not only stylish but they are also extremely versatile. They prevent harmful bacteria – that like to live on damp towels – from getting to you and your family; they dry your towels and may even warm your entire room. Heated towel radiators are affordable and economical to use and they’re always a talking point amongst visitors.

This article was written by Nathan Booth on behalf of www.kpmdirect.co.uk.

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