Why Different Materials Are Used for Decorative and Functional Columns

Today there is a huge need for high quality products that are lightweight but will not degrade quickly. The more pure and original a material is today the more it costs to both construct it and ship it to the user, and it can even be a huge pain to install properly from there on. Today there are many different materials that are difficult to recognize, and taking a look at some of the most popular ones is a great way to know the different options before starting a project.

Virtual Appeal vs. Support

Most columns today are actually installed for visual appeal rather than to support anything. At the same time they are actually still in the same spot as a supporting beam, but they are there to simply wrap around it to look better and protect the support from weathering or other things that can damage it. At the same time they must have a resilient exterior so they do not break down after people handle them or rain falls on them for long periods of time. This is where fiberglass and other normally cheap materials work best. These can usually serve as filler and can be coated with materials that resemble rock and other materials that columns are normally created from.

Just For Good Looks

These shells must also be able to be installed and sealed up without having the appearance of lines or anything else that can take away from the looks. Since porch columns are almost always created just for good looks, it can help a lot to make sure they appear perfect on the outside. If all else fails covering it with a coat of paint can help as well, but this can often produce a problem depending on the material the column is created from. Many paints have a hard time clinging to certain surfaces because they are not porous enough to adhere, but there are almost always paint types for any surface involved. The main thing to do is decide whether the natural rock look or a painted look will work best with the building and deck balusters behind it.

Using Fiberglass for Columns

Columns that must hold a load are often created similarly to how they were a thousand years ago, but with some important differences that normally have to do with decreasing weight for shipment and cost. Fiberglass is a popular material to use because it can easily be mixed with other materials to either add or take away from the load bearing capabilities it has. Fiberglass also appears and feels like a solid, natural material when created correctly, making it a much more attractive option to people on a budget and even those who are not.

Eric Blair writes about exterior remodeling and home improvement methods that utilize various architectural elements from worthingtonmillwork.com.

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