Tips and Current Trends for Bathroom Makeovers

If redoing your bathroom is something you want done by the holidays here are some of the hottest fashion trend tips in bathroom design. Some can be done on your own, others you will need a contractor to do.

Bathroom Color

Folks are seeking sanctuary in their baths. While bold colors are “in” for kitchens, soothing colors are what are most used in today’s bathrooms. Earth tones, soothing pale blues and greens, and even light pastels are currently in vogue. Complementing the wall colors are fixtures that are not shiny chrome; instead try oil rubbed bronze or champagne brass or similarly “antiqued” finishes.

Bathroom Floors

Tile Floors: Tile floors come in a cornucopia of colors and materials; there is glass, marble, granite, porcelain and many other exciting materials with an unlimited selection of colors and textures. As a design feature, tile is quite desirable for its ruggedness, style and the ability to do interesting things such as contrasting grout color with tile color. Porcelain tiles are so well manufactured that only an experienced tile person can tell the difference between them and stone tiles. You can go for a modern look with tiles or turn your bathroom into a Roman bath replete with marble flooring (real or porcelain).


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Linoleum: If you are a renter, you most likely do not want to invest in tile flooring as you cannot take it with you. However, with your landlord’s permission, today’s linoleum often appears as expensive tile or wood flooring. In fact, many apartments come with this kind of flooring in kitchens, entryways and bathrooms. It is easy to care for and fairly inexpensive.

Wood Flooring: Like tile, wood flooring comes in a variety of prices, colors and designs. Some are plank floors, some can be parquet and other a diagonal design. Today, almost anyone can afford the great look of a wooden floor. Wood floors are popular in bathrooms as they are warm on bare feet and don’t shock you with a cold feeling after a warm bath or shower. Properly sealed they will last a long time, even in areas that become wet.


High-end bathrooms still go with stone such as granite or marble. However, faux finishes for bathroom countertops are practically indistinguishable from the real thing, so if your bathroom makeover is on a budget, check out faux finishes that look like stone.


This year is the year of concrete. Yes, concrete soap dishes, toothbrush holders and even waste baskets are top sellers and are featured in designer magazines. While trendy, they can quickly be “last year’s” style and date your bathroom. A great alternative is wooden accessories such as bamboo or driftwood. Wood is always a classic.

The look now is natural, soothing and luxury. From updating worn out flooring to changing outdated fixtures, these tips on current design trends can help you makeover your bathroom on any budget.

Arnold Norton has experience in home repair, renovations, and improvement. Mr. Norton has published several informative blogs and articles focused on helpful tips for new and current homeowners.

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