Three Top Tips for Buying and Styling Using Soft Furnishings

Once the walls have been painted or papered and you have decided which pieces of furniture are right for your room, the next stage in the design process is to look at soft furnishings: curtains, cushions, throws, fabrics and linens. Soft furnishings can add comfort and soften the edges of a room. Used in moderation, soft furnishings such as sofa throws and cushions can also be used to inject a splash of colour when every other surface in the room is fifty shades of beige. But how do you make the right choices when there are so many different design options and styles on offer?

3 tips for choosing soft furnishings

1. Cushions are an easy way of adding colour and interest to a plain sofa, bed, or window seat. Not only will you be able to choose from hundreds of different colours, fabrics and styles—you can also buy some fabric and make your own if you are feeling creative! Before splashing out on cushions, consider what their purpose is going to be. If you want your cushions to be purely decorative, delicate or expensive fabrics are fine, but if they are likely to be subjected to abuse from kids and pets, consider washable covers or heavily patterned designs that hide the stains. You can also buy cushions to co-ordinate with curtains and bed linen, which is a nice way of linking an overall design theme together.

2. Curtains are a perennially popular way of dressing windows in homes of all types. Heavy drapes can be an effective draught excluder in the winter, whilst thick curtains are also useful for keeping the light out, which is particularly important in a bedroom. There are also many different design styles to choose from: traditional drapes made from heavy brocades with pin pleats and swags look great in a traditional decorative scheme, but if your room has a more modern theme, you may prefer tap topped curtains in simple fabrics and minimalist patterns. 

3. In the bedroom, bed linens are your opportunity to add some panache. Be creative and choose bright patterns and shimmering fabrics to provide a contrast with pale walls and cream carpets. Or alternatively, go for pale bed linens and throw some pretty coloured cushions on to the bed to dress it up a little. Throws and bed coverlets are another way of adding interest: instead of using colour to show off your individuality, think in terms of texture and choose woven or wool based fabrics in a lighter or darker tone.

The right soft furnishings can greatly enhance any room in the home, but be sure to choose fabrics that are practical as well as decorative, particularly if you have pets and children. 

This article was produced by Fishpools one of the leading home and interior furnishings retailers in the South East.


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