Simple Refurbishing Tips – Improve Your Home Today

In these tough economic times, tightening the belt has become a national pastime. Where once splashing out on big ticket purchases and no-expense-spared home makeovers was commonplace, now many people are looking to make their money go further.

Home improvements remain one of the best investments we can make for the long-term, as maintaining and upgrading your property will not only make it more desirable to live in, but will also make it more appealing to potential purchases should you decide to move.

So how can you improve your home without breaking the bank? Follow these five simple refurbishing tips and you’ll be home and happy.

1. Make your mark

Examine your property from top to bottom and decide which area most needs attention. For example, springtime is best for outdoor repairs – cleaning or replacing guttering; replacing missing or loose roof tiles; fixing any leaks in external pipe work. You might also want to consider a fresh coat of paint on any masonry to brighten up a drab exterior. If your refurbishment plans only involve the interior, prioritise the room or rooms that require the most attention.

2. Easy improvements

Try to maximise improvements for minimum outlay. A new kitchen isn’t always necessary because you can transform the space with new worktops and cabinet doors, while your bathroom could show home quality by replacing the tiling or flooring. Like the exterior, any interior room can be improved with a lick of paint.

3. Put finance first

Set a budget. You may not stick to the budget, but it’s essential to know in advance the ballpark figure for what any refurbishment or makeover is going to cost. The alternative is to watch costs spiralling out of control while the work seems never-ending. Whether you intend to do the work yourself or to engage a tradesman, set a budget and aim to stick as closely to it as you can. Factor in an extra 10-15% to deal with any unexpected problems.

4. Cheapest isn’t always best

Don’t do things on the cheap. The easy option is to go with the lowest quote or to get a friend of a friend in. Those options are often fraught with danger. The cheapest quote is not necessarily the best – remember, when it comes to electrical or gas work, you need tradesmen who are fully qualified, certified and insured. And while your mate’s mate will no doubt be happy to work for cash in hand, you may be left well out of pocket if he or she turns out to be hopeless.

5. Throw off the old

New lighting, throws and cushions will revamp your living space, and the extraordinary variety of soft furnishings available both online and in store will allow you to give your creativity full rein.

Keep rooms painted in a neutral shade and just add accents of colour through accessories. This way you can afford to change with the seasons. The room remains a neutral palette, but in winter you can add cushions, rugs and throws of warm earth tones, and change them for bright colours in the summer.

Be inventive, shop around for bargains and you’ll soon be sitting pretty in what feels like a new home.

Written by Brandon Barnes on behalf of Rhodium

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