Shabby Chic Furniture for Your Home

Choosing your furniture style is one of the most personal parts of making a house a home. It comes in many different styles and personal tastes vary, some people like it classic while other prefers shabby chic styled French furniture. There is a wide variety of choice available in the market but the type you choose basically just comes down to taste and budget. People who love vintage things often go for shabby chic whereas others like a more traditional approach.

Shabby chic furniture consists of layers of paint which shows off time-worn areas. The shabby chic furniture style started in Great Britain; most country homes use such styles so they have a traditional ‘country’ feel. Some of the top selling shabby chic furniture items include pie safes and jelly cupboards.  Shabby chic isn’t just about white, furniture also comes in different colours such as blue, rose pink, white, beige and other neutral colours, however white seems to be the most popular.

Shabby chic furniture

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If you like shabby chic you’ll like rustic furniture. Rustic furniture is usually made of natural materials and is often used by artists who are interested in historical and contemporary designs.  Rustic furniture varies from chests of drawers to mirror frames and rustic furniture is used in architectural designs in many famous homes.

One of the classical types of office furniture is Chinese antique furniture whose designs hark of the pinnacle of the Chinese furniture making era. These styles go back over four hundred years when the production process involved using only exquisite materials and traders sold the products at very high prices.

It’s hard to say what is best for your home as each piece will add its own unique character. Modern looking furniture is often used in urban environments and is increasingly being used in tenanted properties as it’s cheap and easy to assemble.

Nowadays people prefer ‘Do It Yourself’ items and like to assemble things themselves. This makes furniture easy to carry and makes life lot easier when you have to move home and take it with you. One of the major furniture brands is Ikea who has opened up many showrooms in the UK and Europe. They do furniture for bedrooms, offices, bathrooms and other rooms at affordable prices. It’s easy to go into a large furniture store, check all the items to see which ones fit into your home, test them out and then buy them once you are satisfied. However the advantage of buying online is that you often get great discounts – the choice is yours.

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