Rugs Can Make Men Happy Too

My wife is one of those women who constantly changes her mind. Not about me, but about our home. In the ten years we have owned this house, she has changed the kitchen three times, had two bathrooms fitted and is planning on remodelling the living room, again. The kitchen, let us start there. The original kitchen was ripped out, and her first choice installed before we had even moved in. The builders we had been forced to employ had tried to talk us out of it, as the one already installed was only a few years old and was in immaculate condition. She had insisted, claiming it had been installed by Moses and just simply had to go. Within two years, our initial replacement followed suit. When I mean the kitchen had to be replaced, I don’t just mean a new cooker or fridge, I mean everything, counter tops, cupboards and doors, everything. She claimed the room just wasn’t right, and she would keep going until she found the one, the right one. The bathroom quickly followed suit. Remodelling meant changing the layout, style and theme. A new bathroom suite was chosen and to be honest I was getting a little miffed with having to explain to the builders, that their work was definitely good enough, it was purely down to what my wife wanted. Now remember I am a man, a typical man and the kitchen and bathroom are seen in a functional way. If it works I don’t really care how it looks, but the living room was something different.

She had to be stopped

Our living room is huge; it truly is a big room. It contains everything you would normally expect to find, TV, hi-fi equipment and furniture, I’m sure you can imagine it, but something not every living room has, is a Victorian cast iron fireplace. This thing is huge and I love it. The sad fact is though, the wife does not. She sees it as limiting her options, restricting her ability to remodel the room. It seems as though her plans did not include my beloved fireplace, she had to be stopped.

Essential advice

I needed help. There was no point in asking her mother, the wife was basically copying her style. I needed to find someone impartial, who could run through my options, make suggestions without being biased. I spoke to one my colleagues and she told me to buy the wife a rug, she then gave me a name. She told me about a place where you could describe your room and they would then make suggestions. Deliver for free across mainland Britain and would even sort things out if it didn’t look right. I remember looking at her, with a very sceptical expression, trust me was her response. Being a mere man, looking on the website left me scared and confused. I decided to phone them and it was one of my smartest moves. I described our room, the layout, fireplace, fixtures and fittings and they were immediately able to advise me. Which type of rug, colour and size. It was perfect. I made my choice, paid there and then and the next day our rug arrived. She was ecstatic, partly because I had made the effort, but more so because the room suddenly seemed finished. Now when she wants to redo the living room, she just buys a new rug! Of course curtains, cushions and light fittings have to be replaced too, but at least I managed to keep my fireplace!

Cheap Rugs

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Stop the endless changes to your rooms, regardless of whether you buy expensive or cheap rugs, the effect on your room, and wallet can be enormous. Save your fireplace, buy her a rug!

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