Hunting For Antique Picture Frames

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Are you looking for something different to decorate the walls of your house with? Tired of hanging your pictures and art in boring, simple frames? Vintage and antique picture frames can be a fun and interesting way to hang your favorite photos in your home. Eclectic and always one of a kind, they can add something interesting to your special family or vacation photos. Great for any style décor or house, vintage and antique frames can be placed just about anywhere. One of the best parts of using these types of frames is the hunt. Finding great antique pieces can be a wonderful way to spend your day.

As you begin your hunt to find vintage or antique frames, you should start in the most unusual places. Going to an antique store is easy, but a real hunt makes it fun and all worthwhile. Your first stops should be at neighborhood garage sales, yard sales, and estate sales. These are some of the best places to find old items and amazing deals. Many times, people don’t even know what they are selling. You may be able to find a special frame for a couple dollars that would go for much more in an antique shop. Estate sales are ideal because usually families or sellers are just trying to get rid of old stuff.

Stopping At The Typical Places

Of course, you can stop at the typical places. Spending a day browsing through antique and vintage shops can actually be a wonderful way to spend time with your friends.  These locations always have amazing selections, and you usually know you are getting something that is authentically vintage. You should always ask for prices if they are not marked. Antique convex glass or oval picture frames at these shops can go for a lot more than you anticipated. Many times, they are selling for other collectors, and to make any money, the shop must up their price tags.

Finally, don’t forget swap meets, flea markets, and antique shows. These can be found in almost any town or city. Many of these outdoor markets will actually have entire sections devoted to antiques. It may take you all day, but really look around. These outdoor markets are usually great for finding large selections of frames as well as other fun finds. Antique shows are usually monthly or yearly events. With a quick online search, you should be able to find a listing of antique shows that are coming up in your area. This will give you an endless amount of vintage and antique products to choose from.

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