How to Combine Functionality with Design When Choosing Your Living Room Furniture

The living room can serve as a central hub in your home.  It is the location where everyone gets together and shares what has happened in their day or relaxes after it.  For this reason, you want to make sure that your room is designed to fit all of these needs for your family while not allowing the design to suffer.  This is not the easiest thing to do so the following hints and tips should help you along the way.  A functional room does not have to be bland and an elegant room doesn’t have to be non-practical; keep reading to find out more.


Make the design not about the style or construction of a piece but about the colour.  You want a functional piece which can be used in all settings and by the family members who need it.  Instead of choosing a piece that is too artistically out there in the design plan, instead choose a chair or piece that is solely based on functionality.  From there choose a colour or design pattern that stands out and really makes a statement.  You will get the function you want from your piece of living room furniture but still stay on trend with a nicely patterned item.

Living Room Furniture

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You may want to choose pieces that fit with your design plan and have dual uses.  For instance, you may want to choose an ottoman which also has storage compartments or a couch that can be converted into a sleeping spot.  This allows you to stick within your original design plan and still get the functionality you want from your pieces.  By picking an item with a dual use, you get everything you want from your piece and more.  It can stick with the colour of your choice and serve two purposes, giving you both functionality and design.

Select Important Items

Select important items for your room, but make sure not to overload it.  Dual pieces, like those mentioned above, are a great way to minimise the clutter and still get your functionality.  You want to pick pieces that are important without overloading or over accessorising your room.  This is important to get the clarity of design that you are seeking, and still get the functionality that you want.  Be sure to pick and choose carefully and leave the less than necessary behind otherwise you will end up with a room that is neither functional nor stylish.

Whether you opt for classic furniture or modern, by keeping the practical in mind as well as the style you should be able to kit your living room out to perfection.

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