Home Lighting – Don’t Forget Your Exterior!

Most people spend time and energy organising the right home lighting for their property’s interior. But exterior lighting is just as important, to create a liveable, glowing outdoor space that can be used as an extra living area during the warmer and drier parts of the year!

You’ll find that different parts of your outdoor space need different sorts of lighting. Task based lighting – the sort you’d use to illuminate worktops and reading spaces indoors – is also ideal for paths, entrances and decking. You want to ensure that you’ll be able to move around these areas in the dark without tripping over – and there is likely to also be a security element. Subtle and attractive accent lighting will be used for the parts of the garden that you want your visitors to see – the lovely and attractive parts.

Priority areas.
So where do you start in the garden? Well, firstly look at your priority areas. Put lights near the porches and entrance ways so that you’ve covered the functional use and safety angle. Consider also lighting side passages, back doors and areas such as sheds and garages. You’ll thank yourself when you come home on a dark, wet night and need to find your keys! For safety home lighting, you might also want to install a floodlight to cover areas such as paths, steps, driveways and seating areas. You could also use deck lights to mark out decking areas or pathways. Just remember that floodlights can be intrusive for neighbours, so it’s worth choosing one with a wide beam. Fit the light 2 metres or more above the ground and avoid high wattage lights if you’re keen to stay on good terms with the neighbours!

For entertaining.
For mood and drama in the garden, opt for accent lighting to showcase lovely features such as water fountains, rose trees, arches, furniture or flowerbeds. Position them well away from rubbish bins and compost heaps! Downlighters and uplighters are really good if you have favourite sculptures, trees or plants that you want to focus on. For an intense look, put a spotlight at the base of a favoured feature, or underneath foliage. For a softer effect, try placing two spotlights on either side of your chosen feature.

Home Lighting

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You can also create soft and intimate pools of light by using spotlights on trellises and fences. Position lights near water for wonderful reflections. If you’re looking to light an area for a special dinner or evening event, opt for hanging lanterns with candles. They create a very special mood and you can hang them from tree branches or wall hooks, or even just place them on a terrace or table. You could also string rows of coloured lights through shrubs and trees for parties; these just need plugging into a power point and you can also get solar powered varieties that help you to be more energy efficient. Alternatively, look for lights marked as being energy efficient, as these can be less expensive to run, by as much as 80%. Remember, all outdoor home lighting must be specifically designed for exterior use and be waterproof and weather-proof; seek advice from the retailer if you’re unsure about the product you’re buying.

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