Great Ideas For Your Antique Frames

Have you found some interesting antique frames at a yard sale or estate sale? Maybe you have a box of old frames in the garage that are family heirlooms. There are a number of great things you can do with antique frames. Instead of getting rid of them or keeping them packed away, get creative. You can do some really fun things with them. Whether you decide to refurbish them or leave them imperfect, you will have unique and special pieces to hang things in. With antique or vintage frames, your options are limitless.

Antique Photos for Antique Frames

Great and simple things to hang in your antique frames are old black and white photos. Black and white photos look fantastic in vintage frames, which give your pictures a real, authentic feel. If you have pictures of your own family and ancestors, this can be really great. You can hang them on the wall with the rest of your family photos. If not, you can find old black and white pictures at flea markets and antique stores. You can frame landscapes or even old pictures of people you don’t know. It will add something really unique to your home.

If you have an oval antique frame or bubble glass for displays, you have a ton of other framing options. These types of frames also look fantastic with old photographs. Convex frames were once very popular and give old pictures a vintage feel. You can also use these types of frames to hang bigger objects. Bubble glass frames are dome shaped and give you the ability to hang collector’s items, fake flowers, or anything else unique that you might have. Oval antique frames can be found at flea markets and vintage stores. You may even have luck at estate sales or thrift stores.

Having Fun With Them!

You can also have fun with antique frames. Many times old, vintage frames will be falling apart or in bad shape. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them.  Vintage frames can become a great project. You can completely refurbish them or you can turn them into brand new pieces. Paint them a different color or cover them in material, and you will have brand new frames. You can hang anything you want in them. Children’s school pictures, photographs from vacation, or even artwork are all options. Your choices are unlimited.

There are a number of fun and unique ideas when it comes to vintage frames. You don’t have to get rid of them. They can create a special look in your home.

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