Choose The Best End Tables For Your Home

Typically, end tables are found on the sides of a bed or sofa. They can also be put to many uses around the house. These pieces of furniture are very versatile and can be used all around the house.

What are some of the uses of end tables in the house?
use an end table to hold a potted plant outside the front door
You can use one that has a shelf to hold your keys on top and your purse below.
Use an end table in your conversation room instead of coffee tables to hold your drink. Book or your cell phone.

Some end tables come with drawers or doors. You can use these to store your toiletries or put magazines on top. When used next to the bathtub, it can be used to hold bath towels.

You can use the end table as a book case or place it in the wardrobe to hold your jewelry, shades and wallet.

You can also utilize it in the laundry room to hold detergents, stain remover or dry sheets.

If you are out for a barbeque, use it to next to the grill for the tools you can use for the barbeque.

As you can see, the end table can be put to very many uses in your home.
How do you choose the best end table for your home?

Knowing that this piece of furniture will add to the design and overall function of your home, you need to choose a table that will make your room look great. Let’s look at what you will consider.


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Consider what the table needs to achieve in terms of function. Is the table going to be used for holding a remote, books, drinks, flowers? After considering this, you need to consider whether there is enough space to hold the table and also allow for the activities to take place.

The table you choose should not overwhelm or be swallowed by the existing furniture in the house. The arrangement should accentuate the furniture it has been coupled with. If you have big furniture, you will need a big end table and vice versa.
When you buy an end table, consider the height in relation to the complementary furniture that will be used with it. When using the table, you need not feel like you are straining down or up to reach for something on the table. You need to use it comfortably.

Consider the style of the table in relation to the furniture in the house. Make the styles work together so that they can balance. For example, if the lines of the furniture are curved, choose end tables that have curved lines. Also consider the style of the legs, if the existing furniture has curved legs, and then get a table that has curved legs to complement the existing style.

When you go to choose end tables, stick in the same color family of the furniture in the home. Get a design that will blend well with the color theme you have adopted for your home.

This article is written by Jason Morgan. I’m a furniture connoisseur and write about many quality pieces for your home. Some furniture items I write about are end tables, dining room tables, and living room sets.

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