What Makes Good Food Packaging?

When it comes to eating or putting together a meal the design of the packaging the various individual products came in does not make a bit of difference to the final outcome. However, while you are browsing the shelves at the supermarket your eye will naturally be drawn to the more striking and attractively packaged objects.

Of course brightly coloured characters and fun designs will be more of a success with children wanting to put the product into their parents’ shopping trolley or basket but the package will still always be important in an item’s desirability to customers as a whole. There are rules that should always be adhered to in the design process though and failure to do so could be a very bad move for the company.

Avoiding misleading packaging

It is vital for the item inside the package to bear a definite resemblance to that seen on the outside. It is of course an understandable aspect of advertising to want to show the item as being as tempting and attractive as possible but by the same token you cannot dupe your customers. It is fine to accentuate the look of the product on a sleek outer package but showing it as something it is clearly not is never a good route to go down.

Representing the product as better than it really is may be one aspect to avoid but it is also crucial to make it clear exactly what kind of product it is. Your item should not require the customer to have to spend a long time deciphering what it is you are selling and if they have to do this it is likely that they will focus their attention elsewhere.

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Unique appeal

No matter what your product is and what the brand is it always pays to have a unique look to your item. Differentiating from the competition in the packaging can go a long way to making your product’s mark in its sector of the food industry.

Made for easy use

While it is highly beneficial to stand out from others in your market you do not want the packaging to have too much more style than substance to the extent that it is difficult for the customer to use. Keep in mind that having a product that is too tricky to open or to use over time will inevitably have the customer seeking alternatives from the competition.

Article written by Michelle Chamberlain on behalf of the food packaging suppliers http://www.e-2go.net.

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