Truth about Wagyu Beef

If you’ve ever heard of a Kobe beef or Wagyu beef being sold in the United States then it’s quite likely that you’re dealing with a “spoof.” There’s been a lot of controversy over the way that Americans have stolen the type of meat and claimed that they use it in some of the meals that they provide in restaurants. First and foremost, this isn’t possible and if you believe that what you taste is Kobe style then think again. The reason why you should believe that any of these meals are a spoof is because it is actually illegal for Japan to export this type of meat to America in the first place due to disease prevention.

Raising Wagyu cattle for this beef only takes place in Japan and no other country. They must be isolated, bred, fed and taken care of in a very special way. That is why; they have a very significant and different taste than all of the other meats. The food and drug administration banned this from being purchased by Americans because of the “hand and food disease” which has been passed over before from Japanese exportation.

Kobe Taste

There is tradition in the raising of the Wagyu beef and if you have travelled to the country then you may have had the opportunity to experience the tradition of it. It’s a very hearty and delicious meal – no wonder, Americans want to purchase it for their so called meals. As much as people want to learn how to raise cattle as Wagyu, it’s a very special way of doing so and it’s almost impossible to do it if you don’t know the tradition of the Japanese people and how they practice it. There is one rule to Kobe taste and Kobe beef and that is that the cow must be slaughtered in a certain region within Japan.

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There is a shortage of land that is available for the raising of cattle and there is a selected group of cattlemen who raise the cattle in that area of Japan. The final processing also happens in Japan and that is where the special flavor comes from.  There are many people who have traveled to Japan and claimed that Wagyu beef has the best taste in the world – and the preparation of it is what makes it that way.

How to Use it in a Dish

There are many Japanese restaurants that will include it in stir fry and will even sell raw slices of it as a meal – only cooking it lightly in steaming water. This is a type of meat that should not be served above medium rare and the best way to cook it is with an iron skillet; and then sear it on both sides. When we compare this type of a meat to meat in the US we can say that Kobe has a higher ranking than a prime. There are even growers who have based their cattle on Wagyu and there are restaurants that can purchase a limited amount of this pure beef. This makes for an expensive purchase and meal.

The reason why it is not purchased from Japan is only for disease prevention. It’s plain to say that the reason why we are not raising Wagyu cattle and selling that beef here in the US is because they originate in Japan and are actually raised in an area that is called Kobe, special for the taste and the delicacy. If you get lucky you can purchase from a select few growers in the US – but you will have to pay the price for the beef!

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