The Five Best Types of Sponge Cake

Victoria Sponge

Named after Queen Victoria, who enjoyed a slice of the cake with her tea, Victoria Sponge is a standard sponge filled with delicious buttercream and raspberry jam. The cake is topped off with a sprinkling of either caster or icing sugar, which works well as it stops the sponge from becoming overly sickly. The cake generally has a higher fat content than most sponges due to the larger amount of butter used to give the cake it’s rich flavour, but if your on a health kick you can always bake one with margarine.


Carrot Cake

Many people who have never tried Carrot Cake have reservations over how a savoury food like carrots can transfer into a sweet treat. For all of us who have tried carrot cake, we know exactly how well it works. This type of sponge initially became popular during the Second World War when many cake-making ingredients were seen as luxuries. People instead began to flavour their sponges with grated carrot and as it turned out, the baking of the carrots gave them a sweet flavour making them perfect for this kind of baking. Why not add some carrot-infused icing to your Carrot Cake to top it off in style.

Chocolate Sponge

Chocolate Sponge is probably the world’s favourite sponge cake recipe and it’s easy to see why, it’s full of delicious chocolate! Chocolate Sponge can be prepared in a variety of ways; one popular option is to make one with a chocolate buttercream filling. Other ideas include topping it off with chocolate icing or filling the sponge itself with chocolate chips. What ever you do with your chocolate sponge, it’s good to remember that less is more, don’t overload on the chocolate otherwise the cake will become far too rich and be bordering on the unappetising. Keep it simple and you’ll have a delicious Chocolate Sponge with which to treat all your friends and family.

Lemon Sponge

Lemon Sponge is a bit more of an acquired taste than the universally popular Chocolate Sponge, but it’s definitely worth making yourself one to sample, the tangy flavours of the lemon cut through the buttery nature of the of sponge and compliment each other perfectly. A great idea if you’re making a Lemon Sponge is to also make some lemon icing by making regular icing from icing sugar and then mixing in a small amount of lemon juice. Spread the icing on thick as the cake is less sickly so you can afford to go a bit overboard on the topping.

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