Romanian Wine & Food – A New Taste For 2012

Romanian food is a vibrant and extremely varied type of cuisine. The taste buds of the Romanian people have been influenced by a wide range of different religions, cultures as well as changes in available resources over the ages. Alongside the food Romania also has a secret that is slowly emerging amongst the western world; Romanian wine. This article will take a look at the magical world of Romanian cooking and also Romanian wines. Exploring which flavours compliment one another and identifying some of the countries signature dishes for you to try for yourself at home.

Romanian food can be described as being an intense and often rich flavour that has an alluring smell, which makes it seem distinctly Moroccan. Don’t be fooled through, Romanian food and wine is completely different from that of the North African country.

Romanian food like many other Balkan foods is easy to prepare and it incorporates a lot of meats. Many of the signature dishes and wines that accompany them were once only consumed by the lower classes within the country, however as is quite often the case with national dishes, these dishes have now become national treasures that are enjoyed by all of the social classes.

With Christmas approaching it seems apt to focus on the Romanians typical diet around this type of year. It is traditional to sacrifice a pig, from which a family will create a whole host of dishes to feed the family and their friends. These dishes often include the likes of;

  • Pork sausages & black pudding
  • Tochitura; a traditional stew made from pork and vegetables
  • Meatballs wrapped in cabbage

Along with the foods, Romanians will drink their traditional wine. Romanian makes up one of the top 10 producers of wine and it is now becoming far more recognised as an exported of high quality wines. Romanian wine is fast becoming a cheaper but equally tasty alternative to Italian and Spanish wines, though the flavours of the grapes produced are unique in their own right. To truly get a feeling of what Romanian wine and food tastes like, we recommend you try out some recipes.

Prices within Romania are still very cheap as this remains a largely unspoilt area of Europe that does not attract many visitors. While this can make communications difficult within the country, the locals are very friendly and it is possible to effectively convey what you are trying to get across with the help of a language book and a little patience.

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This article was provided by Bill Hayes. An expert of European culture and food, he has spent the last 12 years traveling around Romania and Bulgaria working as a freelance journalist and restaurant critic.

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