Prime Gourmet Steak

Finding a prime gourmet steak is easy if you’re comparing the few that are produced in the United States – but, when you start comparing them with the cattle that are raised outside of the country then you start to realize that the kind that we eat and are served at restaurants is nothing compared to the Kobe steak which is actually a delicacy in Japan. There are many farmers and restaurants that like to claim that they are raising or serving the Kobe but in actuality it comes from a certain breed of cows that are only in the Kobe region of Japan.

The Kobe steak is a gourmet steak that comes from the Wagyu cow which is a special kind. Did you know that there around 200 farms throughout the whole world that actually raise these cattle and take care of them to sell Kobe meat? There is an excessive amount of preparation and care that goes into creating this type of meat and if you don’t know how to make it then you’re out of luck in getting the same supreme taste.

Flavor of Kobe:

  • Tender
  • Fantastic Texture
  • Fat streaks that contribute to the flavor
  • Marble like gradient

Tradition of Raising Wagyu Cattle

In many respects there are few traditional activities left in Japan and how the Wagyu cattle are raised is one of the few – although, it is somewhat of a newer tradition. For a long period of time most of the beef in Japan came from the cattle who kept somewhat basic purposes. After time passed and money became scarce, raising cattle became a unique undertaking and the production of beef in Japan has had more than fort years of history. Over the last four decades there have been major contributions being made towards the method of gourmet steak production and in some aspects this special tradition of raising the Wagyu has gone uninterrupted.

Unlike America, grazing is quite rare in Japan and it is only allowed on certain areas of the mountains. Each of the Wagyu cattle are extremely valuable; the herds are very small and in these areas there are no other crops such as rice that can be grown. It is off limits to the Wagyu and the farmers that raise them believe that it is a physical endangerment if they allow them to graze.

The Sacred Cow

In most cases, Japanese cattle they spend almost their entire lives in pens and in barns, but on breeding farms, there is a certain way to take care of the cattle. The calves are actually raised in the comfort of their own family with their mothers. They are actually hand fed with special grains and on feeds that are categorized as commercial. They are fed freshly cut grass, rice straw and even by products from some of the processing plants or canneries. Almost all of the Wagyu are fed through creeps and with a special concentration feed at two months old. These calves start to be weaned between 8-10 months and that is when the farmers start to care for them with precision. Many of the normal cattle are auctioned off but the Wagyu are sacred and if they are auctioned off they go for a very expensive price.

Even in Japan, this is a gourmet steak that is very rare and only those who can afford to eat it will. Only the finest restaurants in Japan will eat the Kobe steak or eat it in a stir fry. If you’ve ever get the opportunity to try the Kobe delicacy, don’t pass it up!

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