No More Gastronomy Anomalies

When it comes to food, many people are of completely different opinions.  Some like their food spicy as hell while others have a sweet tooth and cannot wait for desert.  It all depends on what you want, really.  Well, what better way for a company to get to know each other than by finding out about each other’s eating habits – or even better, their cooking habits.  So, instead of the usual paintballing trips or orienteering, why not try food based team building events.  Not only are you going to learn about each other and have fun but you’re going to come away with extra knowledge.  Team building events have changed a lot over the years and you can do your part in bringing them into line with our 21st century lives.


Break the Ice

One of the parts of team building events that has never changed over the years is the ice breaker.  Each team member is expected to let things be known about themselves in return for information about other team members.  It may have been hated over the years, mainly for the terrible team building exercises taken in the 90’s under officious, apparently fun hating middle managers, but these events are a great way to get a good feeling of how you can work with each other.  One common theme is the idea of working in teams against each other.  For the past few years paintballing has been a popular team building event: you need to work together and forge strong relationships in trying situations.  Yet after the 10th paintballing expedition, long serving team members are probably a bit on the bored side.  So something new is called for.  Often companies turn to go-karting as a great team orientated exercise but another option is cooking.

That’s right; you heard correctly.  There are places opening up to offer the option for team building events themed around the art of food.  Gastronomic team building is a great option because everyone needs to eat.  Not only will your team actually learn to cook but they will be able to compete against each other in cook offs and enjoy great food and drink while talking about whatever they want.  Far from the traditional restaurant gathering and far also from the old fashioned team building event, these cooking events provide a great opportunity to really get to know more about the people you are working with.


If you are thinking about team building events for the future, then gastronomically themed events are a great option.  Along with the normal competitive spirit excellent food and drink can really get your group in the mood for sharing.

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