Maltese Cuisine comes to London

A brand-new business is bringing the taste of traditional Maltese cuisine to the city of London, and locals and expats alike have welcomed the launch of the city’s very first Maltese pasticceria (a confectioner’s shop specialising in pastries).

New to the Hammersmith Business Mix

The pasticceria, named Parparellu, is situated on Fulham Palace Road in Hammersmith, West London. The Maltese business joins an already rich and cosmopolitan mix of restaurants and delis in the Hammersmith area; the cuisine at the neighbourhood’s eateries includes Polish, Italian, Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Persian and contemporary European. Londoners looking to try something new – and former Maltese residents hoping for a taste of home – are now flocking to the latest establishment to open its doors on Fulham Palace Road.

Grand Opening

On the weekend of 29th September, Parparellu officially opened for business; the launch was attended by high profile guests such as Joseph Zammit Tabona, the Maltese High Commissioner. Those who attended were treated to a selection of sweet and savoury pastries, prepared according to trusted traditional Maltese recipes. The cuisine on offer included the following national treats:


Savoury Maltese cuisine made of flaky filo pastry, with a filling of mushy peas or ricotta cheese. The pastries are folded into round or diamond shapes.


Small short-crust pastry pies (known as “Easter pies”) filled with ricotta or spinach and anchovies. The appeal of the qassatat lies in its presentation; to seal the little pies, Maltese chefs twist the pastry at the top to leave it slightly open but overlapping.


Baked macaroni and meat sauce topped with golden-brown pastry.


A sweet Maltese treat; tubes of fried sweet pastry filled with a mix of ricotta and confectioner’s sugar, or with vanilla cream, and sometimes topped with candied fruit.

Maltese Dining in the London Spotlight

Joseph Pace, owner of the pasticceria, said he decided to bring Maltese cuisine to London in order to “show off our beautiful food in this amazing city”. Mr Pace was inspired to open Parparellu because he craved the comfort food of his homeland. He named the establishment in honour of his late father, whose nickname was Parparellu.

The opening of this new Maltese business has arrived hot on the heels of Malta Day UK; the annual celebration was held in London on September 8th, paying tribute to Maltese culture with a selection of traditional entertainment and cuisine. The Maltese community is growing in the UK, and with it, the opportunity to establish Maltese businesses. From Maltese cuisine at this new pasticceria, to tax and emigration services, the country’s business owners are gaining a strong reputation on an international level.


Nicky Warner is a London-based writer with a keen interest in local business news – although after sampling some traditional Maltese cuisine, she’s seriously considering applying for permanent residence Malta!

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