It’s Barbecue Season Again

Cooking food over an open fire was the original way people used to prepare their food. This cooking technique has evolved over the centuries and many people all over the world now use some type of barbecue grill to cook their meats outdoors from choice rather than necessity.

In the past there weren’t any stoves and people had to cook outdoors because it was necessary. Whether it was in the brutal heat of summer or the dead cold of winter people had to heat their food so that they could eat. In our modern society cooking outdoors is no longer a necessity and it has evolved into a social form of cooking.


Barbecues as a Way of Life

Many people barbecue as an alternative way to prepare food other than cooking with a conventional stove. The summer months work best for barbecues, but any mild and dry weather works in spring and fall, too.

A barbecue in the heat of summer is part of the traditional American way of life. It gives you a chance to spend time outside to enjoy the heat, the sunshine and all of the outdoor activities that are available to people during this time of the year.

A summer barbecue is also an opportunity to socialize, to invite friends, family or co-workers over to your home to enjoy their company and to have a good time. Barbecuing just gives you an excuse to ask people to come round.

US Barbecue Season

Memorial Day is the holiday that kicks off the unofficial summer barbecue season and when this day arrives in May many people pull out their grills for the first time. The summer season in the U.S. lasts from Memorial Day in May and ends in September when Labor Day rolls around. At the peak of the barbecue season in June and July you will smell barbecue smoke on every corner.
The 4th of July is the biggest holiday in the summer and millions of people all across the U.S. hold a barbecue to celebrate Independence Day. Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day are also popular days for people to cook out in the summertime.

Most people try to avoid grilling in the middle part of the day because do not like to stand out in sun cooking barbecue because of the heat. In Australia people barbecue all year round because it is warm all year round but the fact is that most Americans usually prefer just to barbecue over the summer months.

People use any excuse for a barbecue; block parties, graduation events, family reunions, fairs, festivals and concerts.

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