Hungry in the City? 4 Reasons You Should Order Food Delivery

Getting food from one side of New York City to another can leave you eating cold leftovers many nights of the week if you don’t feel like going out. What if there was a better solution? Getting your food delivered to your home could be the perfect answer. In New York City, food delivery is more than pizza and Chinese takeout. Learn about the benefits of using food delivery to keep your stomach full and your greasy leftovers in the garbage where they belong.

1. Grocery Delivery Saves Time—and Your Back

Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you need to eat out every night. It can be difficult to carry bags of groceries home in a taxi, especially if you live in an apartment on an upper floor, but there are grocery stores in the city that will deliver your food for you. Hanna Food in Williamsburg is one option if you live on the north side. You can have them deliver meat, dairy, produce, or even beer in less than an hour. As a bonus, your back will thank you for not carrying those heavy bags up all those flights of stairs!

2. No Need to Break Your Groove

Maybe you are an artist in the middle of a painting or a writer in the middle of a novel. Maybe you are just watching a great movie and don’t want to stop in the middle to go get some dinner. Whatever your groove is, you can keep it going by placing a quick order for food delivery. From Chinese, to pizza, to a deli, you can find just about anything on your side of town that delivers, while you get to keep on doing whatever you like until dinner arrives.

3. Satisfy Cravings in the Middle of the Night

In the City That Never Sleeps, food delivery options are available 24 hours a day. If you get those middle-of-the-night munchies and don’t feel like getting dressed, fixing your hair, and putting on makeup just to get a quick bite to eat, you can simply pick up the phone and place an order instead. Skylight Diner on West 34th Street is a Greek diner that delivers at all hours of the day, every day of the week—you know, just in case you feel like a midnight gyro.

4. Stay Out of the Weather

New York winters can be brutal, and summers can be just as terrible to be out in. If you are low on food in the refrigerator and don’t feel like eating the food in last night’s doggie bag, ordering food from a deli that delivers is a great option. Delis have simple sandwiches and salads that are great fare for the hot summer days, and they have hot comfort food for those days when the snow is blowing outside. Sarge’s on Third Avenue in midtown will deliver any time of the day or night to fill your belly with food.

Whatever your reason for not wanting to venture outdoors to hunt down your supper, delivery options in New York City have a host of benefits that make it perfectly fine to have your food delivered to your door.

Renee Varney is an author who occasionally posts for, a site she likes using to find local NYC Delivery Services and other Local Food Delivery.

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