How to Create a Healthy Menu People Will Actually Enjoy

It seems like with every day that passes there is a new health craze to join it. People will likely never stop looking for a new fad diet to follow, but luckily most will keep eating healthy while at a restaurant as an option to lose weight.

The tips below will help you create a menu that appeals to a customer’s senses while not inflicting too much damage on their waistlines.

Good Options for Menus and Waistlines

1.     Broth-based Soups

Not only are broth-based soups inexpensive to make, especially if you make your broth in-house, but they are also popular with customers. Offering two sizes, a smaller one and a larger one, will give people the option to have it as a meal or as a complement to something else on the menu. Popular choices for broth-based soups are chicken noodle, minestrone, Italian wedding, French onion and Manhattan clam chowder. Having at least two of these soup options each day gives customers some choice without overwhelming the menu. If you’re very serious about have a healthy menu, consider adding a few more soups.

2.     Wrap it Up!

Americans love sandwiches. No ones needs to say that twice. But how can you make a sandwich a little healthier? Take out some of that calorie-laden bread! By removing the bread from a sandwich and replacing it with a smaller and thinner tortilla or wrap, you are cutting calories for every customer who orders it. Try taking classic sandwiches like a club sandwich or a reuben and making a warp version of it.

3.     Salads– Not Ordinary Ones, Though

Most every restaurant has a salad option. Usually, these are a fairly small and basic dinner salad made with iceberg lettuce. Try mixing it up a little! Definitely keep a dinner salad option, but try making it with romaine lettuce instead. Guests will appreciate the touch, as romaine lettuce has far more flavor and nutrients than iceberg.

Go beyond the dinner salad too, though. Create some salads that can be eaten as a main dish. Try a Greek salad with chicken or an Asian style salad with mandarin oranges and just a few crispy noodles. Adding some usual spices to a salad dressing will also make it something unique. Which brings up …

4.     Limit the Creamy Salad Dressings

While you can (and should!) still keep creamy salad dressings like Ranch and Thousand Island available to customers, offer more oil-based dressings. Using healthy oils like canola and olive oils, create dressings that complement your salads. An Asian dressing would be nice, or even something that complement fall flavors like cranberries and almonds.

5.     Stick With Seasonal Side Dishes

No matter what main dish a customer decides on, make sure their side dishes are just as good. A sure way to do this is to use fresh and seasonal ingredients. See what your local farmers have in season and use it to create the freshest side dish you can. In the summer, spoil your guests with fresh fruit. Come fall, use local squash, corn and beans to create warm and rich side dishes.

Having a menu that is not only delicious, but healthy too, will be sure to attract a wider variety of customers. It will certainly keep them coming back too!

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