How NOT to Act When Drinking

Every time I go to a party, I notice quite a few trends that should be avoided. These tips will prevent you from becoming a drunken mess and making a fool of yourself. These three simple tips can boost your reputation and allow you to enjoy your alcoholic experience.

Know Your Limits

Everyone loves to go out and party, but knowing your limits is vital. Exceeding your drinking limit can cause personal embarrassment. You don’t want to become best friends with the toilet for the night. A good tip is to bring a friend to the party to have them watch your alcohol intake. Having a sober wing man can prevent embarrassing actions, such as blacking out and pissing your pants. That’s right, pissing your pants is very common among high school and college students and can cause eternal embarrassment.

Drunk Hook-ups

We have all hooked-up with someone that wasn’t in our best interest at least once. Hooking-up while intoxicated can cause adverse effects on your game. Getting drunk impairs your vision and lowers your standards on all levels significantly. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can turn Ugly Betty into Megan Fox, so proceed with caution. Accidentally hooking up with a close friend will only cause awkwardness in the near future. You will regret a drunk hook-up the morning after when you finally realize what or who you have done.

Come At Me Bro

When you mix alcohol with a few college guys flowing with testosterone the outcome is not well. People can get aggressive very easily when they are drunk and that is when fights can breakout. Getting drunk increases aggression and confidence, which can cause the guys to flaunt their masculinity. When a man is challenged or threatened by another man, a fight is sure to insinuate. While intoxicated, your lack of motor skills will not help in a fight. You may think you are Rocky Balboa, but in reality you stand no chance in a fight. Being the aggressive guy that always tries to pick fights at parties will not help your reputation.

Following these tips will prevent an overall bad night, and are pivotal for you amateur party goers. When in doubt, take it slow and control your alcohol consumption. Be sure to bring a wing man and think twice before hooking up. Lastly, control your temper and avoid violence at all costs.

Dick Veesel: staff editor at PongRUs, life of the party, and avid party-goer.

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