Hangover Recovery Delivery Right To Your Door

Anyone who has ever suffered from a hangover understands the pain.  But let’s face it, you can only sleep for so long, you can only drink so much orange juice, the antacid has become your enemy, and the sports drink is near toxic.

There comes a point in time when you have to face cold hard reality — you need to eat!

A hangover does not lend itself to cooking.  Even the toaster oven can look daunting.  And the stove, well, it takes on a whole new meaning.  What you need is food delivery.  Miraculous food delivery.

So where do you begin?  Is there some type of “miracle food” for hangover elimination?  Yes and no.  Approach it logically.  What you need is to kick your metabolism into high gear.  Translated, you need to metabolize all that alcohol right out of your system.  While there are as many theories on how do this as there are hangovers, a good central starting point is — protein.

Nothing says protein like a T-bone steak.  Add a side of mushrooms and a side salad and you could actually survive this!  Or you could go for a tender and juicy Rib Eye filet.  The choice is yours, and it’s as easy as placing your take-out order.

Not up for a steak just yet?  How about a steaming bowl of soup?  Chicken soup is said to cure all that ails.  Chicken soup Chinese style could be just what the doctor ordered.  With its rich chicken broth and meat stuffed dumplings, Won Ton is a classic favorite.


Your choices do not end with a rich Won Ton, though.

How about a hearty chicken soup, filled with chunks of white meat and tender vegetables?  Next choice, a chicken and corn selection.  Or, for the daring, consider a steaming bowl of hearty meat Minestrone or a spectacular chowder.  You can even try Vietnamese Pho — tender slices of meat with hearty rice noodles.

Carbs can do the trick as well, particularly when paired with protein.  How about a plate of cheese ravioli in a light tomato sauce?  And what says carbs and protein better than a giant cheeseburger?  Stick with the lean meats and consider steering clear of the fries — at least until tomorrow.

Mother always said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Today breakfast might actually save your life — or so it seems.  When cracking a few eggs is not on the agenda, your neighborhood chefs offer a spectacular array of superb breakfast choices, all delivered piping hot to your door.  How about a puffy three egg omelet!

Eggs Benedict topped with a rich Hollandaise sauce, eggs Florentine featuring crisp spinach, or tender pastries filled with cheese and sausages… the egg choices are endless!  Someday you might compliment your breakfast with a tall coffee.  For now, avoid the caffeine.

Yes, there is life after a hangover.  And thankfully in this day and age, we can order food online instead of having to brave the harsh sun and loud noises – in fact you don’t even have to leave your bed!  Who knew the remedy could be so  easy and delicious?!

Nicole Beckett is a former journalist and anchor person who is passionate about lifestyle, with a wide set of interests ranging from parenting and home economics, to fashion, travel, and urban life – Nicole achieves getting the positive out of situations, and believes in utilising the internet to make life simpler. She believes that you can order food online to live a healthier and stress free life.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/avlxyz/3732086364/

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