Four Fresh Red Wine Varieties That Are Perfect for Summer

Summer wines are refreshing and are also low calorie. These wines can be paired with summery fresh seafood and vegetables for a complete meal. Salmon, shrimp and citrus sauces are commonly featured in these dishes. Most wines featured in the list are approximately 76 calories per glass. Here are some suggestions for summer wines:

1. Rioja

Rioja is from Spain is a light red wine that is enjoyable in the summer. The wine is made from the Tempranillo grape. Other grapes are often combined to provide a unique flavor. There are four different types of Rioja: Joven, Reserva, Gran Reserva and Crianza. Joven is the youngest of the wines and is not aged more than two to three years old. The flavor is refreshing, light and fruity. The wine is often served in sangrias for this reason. Crianza is also recommended as a summer wine because it is not aged in oak for as long as Reserva or Gran Reserva. The wine is often paired with grilled vegetables and chicken during summer events.

2. Casal Garcia Rose

Casal Garcia Rose is made of Vinhão, Borraçal and Azal Tinto from the Vinhos Verdes region. The Rose wine is pomegranate pink color. Casal Garcia Rose is infused with hints of fruity raspberry, strawberry and other red berries. The wine is well-balanced, fresh and has a soft finish. The Rose has the perfect amount of acidity that is pleasant to most and is finely structured. This wine is often served with a salmon in orange citrus sauce.

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3. Vinho Verde

Like other Portuguese wines, Vinho Verde is comprised of Trajadura, Arinto, Loureiro and Azal grape varieties. This wine is attractive to numerous people for its apple flavor. The wine is high in acidity, but it also of one of the sweeter wines of the Vinho Verde lineup. For a freshening experience, try this Vinho Verde with grilled chicken and mango salsa. Vinho Verde paired with this refreshing dish will be a great summer hit with guests.

What is Vinho Verde?

Vinho Verde literally means “green wine.” The wine is referred to as “green” because it is usually consumed within the first year of the wine being pressed. Most Vinho Verdes are white wines with a lemony color, but the color can also be red or rose in color. These wines are characterized by low alcohol content.

A Vinho Verde will consist of nine percent to 11 percent alcohol content. Vinho Verde is not a sparkling wine, but it does have some carbonation. Most Vinho Verdes are characterized by fruity and floral aromas.

4. Beuajolais

Beaujolais is a red wine that is recommended for summer. The wine is made in with the Gamay grape in the Beaujolais region of France. The wine is infused with hints with strawberry, ripe cherry and black currant flavors.

Select a Wine for the Summer

Select a wine for the summer months that is light and pairs well with your summer dishes. A summer wine is an excellent way to enjoy a meal and good company. Try one of these summer wines and enjoy the refreshing flavor with a fraction of the calories.

Jessica is an Events Manager with Trippas White Group in Sydney, Australia, specialising in event catering and planning. When she isn’t working, Jessica is also a bit of a wine buff, and loves travelling to Australias wine regions to sample new varieties.

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