Five Fresh Summer Seafood Ideas

Summer is the perfect season to spotlight ultra-fresh ingredients and bright flavors. Low in calories and high in protein, seafood ensures you will be able to indulge in flavorful cuisine – and still fit in your swimsuit. These five fresh summer seafood ideas offer appetizing and healthy options for cooks at any skill levels.

Grilled Seafood

Warm summer nights make for the perfect time to fire up the grill. The first step to successfully grilling seafood is choosing the right type of fish. You want to select a firm, meaty fish such as swordfish or tuna that will not fall apart while cooking. Marinate fish in citrus juice and fresh herbs for a zesty taste. Make sure not to exceed 30 minutes of marinating, however, as seafood can become mushy if left to marinate too long.

Summer Seafood Kebabs

Shrimp or scallops threaded on a skewer are a classic summer grilling choice. For even more colour, flavour and nutrition, add chunks of vegetables to the kebabs. Try hunks of fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes on your skewers for a caprese-inspired dish. As long as you keep the marinade simple, mix and match vegetables and seafood as you see fit – it is difficult to go wrong with kebabs.


Seafood Salads

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than cool, crisp produce and the delicate flavor of fresh seafood. Grill up some scallops or shrimp and place on a bed of chopped romaine or spinach. A few slices of cucumber, tomato, or mango will add another dimension of cooling sweetness. For dressing, a simple vinaigrette will add flavor without weighing down the dish. For a more substantial summer seafood salad, try a grilled vegetable niçoise salad. Throw some tomatoes, green beans, and small red potatoes on the grill, along with a tuna steak. When cooled, toss with lettuce and eggs for a hearty yet healthful variation on this French classic.

Put It On a Plank

A wood grill plank is an indispensable tool for summer grilling. It adds a slight smokiness to whatever is cooked atop it – and it is incredibly simple to use. Choose oak or cedar planks to add a hint of delightful aroma to seafood. Remember to soak the plank in water before cooking to prevent the wood from burning.

Go Around the World

Try grilling or frying a mild white fish until opaque throughout. Add some shredded cabbage, avocado, and pico de gallo for delicious and healthy Mexican tacos. Alternatively, if you have access to sashimi-grade fish, try slicing it very thin, adding a small dash of wasabi, and placing it over sushi rice for at-home Japanese cuisine. Or, if you can’t make it to the beach this summer, bring the tropical destination to you with some grilled mahi mahi and peach-grapefruit relish.

In Conclusion

Seafood is a fabulous choice for summer. Take advantage of the season’s bounty by pairing your seafood with fresh produce in the form of salads, kebabs, or relishes. Add a glass of something cold, and voila – the perfect summer meal.

Holly is a chef at Flying Fish Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. Holly loves summer because it is the perfect opportunity to invite her friends and family over for a seafood barbeque. Holly loves sharing her seafood ideas and recipes from around the world.

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