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Beer was the first alcoholic beverage known to civilization. Beer was the first product people made from grain and water, which was discovered even before bread-making.  The oldest proof of beer was brewed on German soil around 800 BC, between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago. In ancient time, beer was unfiltered and cloudy.  Straws were used to avoid getting the brew residue, which was very bitter.

Fresh is the best when it comes to beer. If you go to an Anhueser Busch brewery and have a beer at their hospitality center, it will taste like the best beer you ever drank because it is fresh and well maintained under perfect conditions. In choosing a beer it just depends on what you are in the mood for.  A lot can depend also on whether it is summer or winter, with food or without and where you are. Good beer should be served cool and not cold and served in a glass so a head forms. If the head disappears right after the beer is poured, than it is not a good beer,(though you may still like it, we all have different tastes.)

Today many famous Pubs and Breweries exist. Two of the top 10 favorite breweries to visit around the world are: Benedictine Abbey Weihenstephan Brewery in Freising, North Munich Germany is the most interesting.  It was established in 725 and is said to be the oldest brewery in the world.

The Andechs Monastery in Bavaria comes a close second.  This brewery has been a place of pilgrimage for beer culture enthusiasts since the middle ages.  For a small fee you can take a tour of the brewery and learn the full history of the brewing process.

There is definitely no shortage of Pubs in London.  The Historic Pub “The George” in Chiswick, London has tried not to lose its original charm.  Specialists in real and good food, with a beautiful room for parties, dancing, live music and social events.

NYC’s Best Irish Pubs:

McSorley’s in New York is the oldest bar, established in 1943.  The floors are still deep in sawdust and the bartenders are still gruff and Irish.  House brew is still light and dark brew at $5 for 2. Molly’s Shebeen is named by many as the most authentic Irish Pub in NYC.  The building has held a bar since the 1800’s and is very cozy, with bald Irish bartenders and a sawdust covered floor.

This article is brought to you by Mark Johnson, who loves to travel and try different beers all over the world.

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