Easy Recipes To Cook For Your Date

There is absolutely no doubt that women adore presents like jewelry, store purchased gifts, flowers, and they also appreciate it a lot if you cook them something for your date with them. This would in fact be the best and the most impressive way of saying that you love her. A special dating meal for her would say a thousand words in this single expression of yours. Don’t be like the usual men who always present their girlfriends with traditional gifts like candy, gift cards, and flowers. It has been found that boyfriends having the ability to cook something special for their date can make it romantic as well as with their dish express their immense love and respect for their girlfriend. This is because your girlfriend will not only love your dish but also the hard work that you have put into your dish for making it special for her.

Simple Meals

Girls usually love recipes having potatoes and meat. You can cook steak with baked potatoes along with her favorite vegetables thereby making it an enjoyable and simple to cook a dating meal. If your girlfriend loves seafood then cook some crab cakes, shrimp, scallops, or lobster for her. If you have to prepare date recipe quickly then lobster will be a good option that can either be steamed in a pot or can be grilled. Grilled, steamed, pan fried, or deep fried shrimp and scallops can also be a great recipe. For Mexican food lover girlfriends you can prepare pre-packaged kits containing tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, or enchiladas along with refried beans, taco chips, or yellow rice. Fillings of beef, rice with taco, shrimp, and chicken and shredded cheese will create a delicious date meal for your girlfriend.

Italian Meals

Italian meals like stuffed shells or lasagna with bread sticks or garlic bread would make a great combination. You can also stuff jumbo macaroni shells with shredded mozzarella cheese or simple mozzarella cheese and browned hamburger, put it in baking pan and cover with spaghetti sauce as well as Parmesan cheese. This must be baked for 1 hour at 400 degrees and would serve as an excellent dating meal.  Baking cabbage rolls or stuffed peppers will also provide an excellent dish. You can also make stuffed peppers just like stuffed shells and include rice also. If you are preparing cabbage rolls, then you need rice and uncooked hamburger which will be combined together and rolled in lightly boiled cabbage leaves prior to placing it in a pan and covering with spaghetti sauce for baking.

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Can’t Beat Poultry 

Boyfriends can cook Cornish hens because they are simple to cook and require only 1 ½ hours for preparation. Garlic and butter noodles are also a great combination when combined with poultry meal. For a great romantic meal you must prepare some grilling like chicken, corn on cob, and barbecue. Chicken and ribs boiled for one hour prior to grilling will take less time when you’ll put it for grilling. Romantic date dinners cannot be the only ones that are cooked on grill, deep fryer or stove. You can try some crock pot meals with sauerkraut or German sausage because you can simply place meat, beef broth, and sauerkraut or mushroom soup in pot. Set the dial on high or low will make a good meal within few hours while you can do other preparations for the date.


If your girlfriend is vegetarian then you can prepare some ideal vegetarian salads for her. Leaf lettuce, spinach, romaine, iceberg, endive can be combined with fruits. Salads with tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots will also come out delicious. Instead of using traditional salad dressing options, try for something new and creative. Another easy and romantic meal will be mouth watering soup in bread bowl. For this visit your local grocery store for purchasing loaves of bread that are round like Italian and sourdough. Cut the loaf top and inside part must be removed for making a bowl. Put olive oil outside and baste inside and use baking sheet for baking for around 15 minutes. Try to prepare her favorite soup that can include chicken noodles, tomato, potato, etc. Pour that soup in the bread bowl prior to serving. This will definitely impress your girlfriend and make it a memorable date for both of you.

Don’t Forget About Appetizers or Drinks

Prior to the main meal, you can offer her some crackers and cheese appetizers, fried cheese sticks, pizza rolls, and breaded mushrooms in a decorative plate. Next you can serve margaritas or wine based on the type of meal prepared. Usually girlfriends like drinks that are non-alcoholic so make sure that you have one in your refrigerator. Instead of giving her traditional desserts like pie or cake with ice-cream, try other options like bread pudding, rice pudding, and cheesecake. Before making any recipe for your girlfriend ensure that you properly know her likes and dislikes along with the food taste that she prefers. Salmon with beetroot salad and buttermilk is also a great option. For this you require ingredients like parsley, basil, capers, lemons, mint, salmon fillets, buttermilk, chickpeas, baby beetroot, green beans, olive oil, salt, pepper, parmesan, and capers.

For preparing this excellent recipe, you need to follow the steps given below-:

Put herbs, capers, lemon juice, olive oil, buttermilk, and anchovies into a processor. Add pepper and salt as per your taste. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator.

Cut green beans in even pieces. Cook it in boiling water with salt added for two minutes. Set aside half beetroots as well as mix the remaining items in bowl. Fetta must be crumbled and then sprinkled on top followed by the use of olive oil and lemon. Lastly, season well for dressing. Cover salmon with seasoning and olive oil. Use high heat for cooking in pan for about four minutes on both the sides.

When it comes to garnishing, use radish and green apple and mix with lots of drill.

For assembling, put salmon on a clean plate and use sauce for dressing and serve it with salad that is preferred by your girlfriend.  There you go you have some ideas, so get to cooking!

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