Does A Fine Wine Always Have To Be Expensive?

One question I get asked a lot is “do I really have to spend £50 or a £100 just to get a good bottle of wine?” The answer is you don’t. There are a lot of great tips and strategies about how to buy great wine for an affordable price, under £8 in some cases depending on where you look.

Let’s get this out the way nice and early. Price does not always equal quality! There are a lot of expensive wines out there which aren’t that great and there are a lot of affordable ones which are simply amazing.

Another thing to think about is to diversify your regions and diversify your great. If you are buying Napa Valley then you are paying an up charge, mainly for the region. Instead why not try a Malbec from Argentina which includes up-and-coming grapes and has hints of spicy fruit and has a lot of flavour. The naturally going to pay less than Napa Valley as there is less demand for this particular wine, it’s a pure supply and demand equation.

Champagne is wonderful everybody loves a glass of champagne once in a while but as we all know they carry a premium price. Instead you could look towards cava, Prosecco and Spanish sparkling white wine.

Prosecco is a wonderful sparkling wine and very affordable not champagne from France, but is it a great sparkling wine to serve at parties? Yes!


Finally you should find a good wine shop or a good wine adviser. You should be to tell them what kind of wines you like, what kind of food you eat and ask for recommendations on wines which will go well. You can also tell them apart a bottle that you enjoyed in the past and ask if they could recommend anything similar. You should really try and probe good-quality bottles which they personally recommend which under the seven or eight pound mark and you will be amazed at how many of these there are!

The person that can match your wine every week depending on your tastes is a person that you should be going back to again and again and again. This is properly the best way to find great value in wine. So go forth, buy some bottles and try not to pay more than seven or eight pounds apiece. That your challenge from me today. Good luck and if you have any comments on today’s article then please fill free to leave them in the comments section below.

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