Did Somebody Say Dessert Wine?

With warm weather on its way, the bathing suits and sunblock come out, along with the desire to sip on something crisp and refreshing. Let’s explore some of the best dessert wines, along with some other ways to drink your dessert! We’ll also talk about how to kick your summer desserts up a notch.

The iconic Le Grand Chai Sauternes Half Bottle 2009 is delightfully sweet white dessert wine, and, as an added bonus, is as affordable as ever. The blended cuvees, handpicked by Jean-Marc Sauternes during a blind tasting, balance richness and acidity. Fermented Semillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle were aged in cask, giving this dessert wine a high-quality you’ll want to enjoy over and over again. The Three Bridges Botrytis Reserve Semillon Halves 2006 from Australian is a limited edition, Australian white dessert wine made from Semillon grapes. Though this one comes from a boutique winery, it’s still very reasonably priced.


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If you want to try making a delicious dessert wine from items you’ve already got on hand, try mixing your house red or white with some lemon-lime soda or seltzer. Add some fruit and a splash or orange juice, and you’ve got yourself a simple Sangria. And the best part – you can enjoy these spritzers before, during and after dinner!

Another way to pack a punch in your dessert is to infuse your own spirits. Don’t worry – it’s a lot simpler than it sounds! Add basil or mint to vodka, or pineapple to rum, for a unique, refreshing pop to your post-dinner beverages. Simply steep the herbs or pineapple in the vodka or rum in an air-tight container. Store in a cool, dark place and give it a stir every day for 1-4 days and voila! If the flavour is too strong, add some of the original rum or vodka to the mix. These jazzed up boozes taste great in mojitos, which can be enjoyed before or after a meal.

Now onto other ways to enjoy dessert and spirits together. If you want something to go with a chocolatey dessert, try a sweet fortified red.  If you love having ice cream in the summer, drizzle some sweet sherry over the top for added flavour. A Muscat goes nicely with a fruit tart. For something lighter, Champagne pairs beautifully with meringue or strawberry-based desserts., and sparkling wine or Prosecco are delicious with sorbet.

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