Celebrating the Recession with Unique Wines

One feature of the (apparently interminable) recession has been the growth in the stay at home approach to everything from holidays to fine dining.  The latter is no great surprise as many people find the costs of restaurants don’t seem to reflect the limited budgets that many of us are attempting to work with. In this current economic climate, takeaway pizzas have become the new steak dinner.

In addition to some very famous High Street names offering their ‘dine in’ meal deals there’s also been a significant growth in the number of online retailers of fine wines and food.  With internet retail one of the few areas of growth in the economy, the choice of retailers is growing all the time, and this is good news for consumers.

Growing Choices

When it comes to online wine retailers you’ll find there are a huge number of small firms operating in the industry.  The choice can be a little daunting, especially if you’re not a dedicated connoisseur, but choice means competition and that in turn means excellent pricing.  A number of firms have been established by experts who’ve worked in the industry for larger companies, but who’ve seen the opportunity that the internet and (oddly) the recession can offer.  The great thing about this is that each company brings its own unique take on the world of wine and in many cases, years of quality experience.

Expert Advisers

Some of the best sites are those that are not only run by experts and enthusiasts, but who like to go the extra mile in sourcing excellent quality wines from lesser known producers.  Many offer wines imported directly from Europe, or from the more exotic New World wineries, that have not yet found their way onto the High Street or major suppliers.  This creates access for enthusiasts to great wines that are not widely known, allowing you to stock up your cellar on high quality, rarer wines.


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Small Prices to Pay

Smaller more specialist sites are often the best places to look for wines and champagnes.  Prices range from the lower end of the market right up to the high class expensive prices.  Most smaller sites will have a minimum order of six bottles and rarely have the free delivery offers that some of the larger sites will be able to, however, the choice, range and individuality of the sites will normally make up for this small delivery charge.

Whether it’s a night in for two, or a unique selection for a wedding, www.loveyourwine.co.uk  offers excellent value and excellent choice to help you find that perfect tipple for the table.

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