Catering Your Office Holiday Party

If you are organizing your office’s holiday party, you’ll find that catering the event is an issue that you need to consider. What is appropriate holiday fare, and how can you make sure that everyone leaves happy? For many people, the food at a holiday party should be very memorable, so take a moment to think about what options might enchant you and your office mates.


Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

One of the ways to keep things festive is to choose food that has a great deal of color to it. Two colors that we often see associated with the holidays is white and red, and because of that, you should consider choosing red velvet cheesecake brownies for the table. Not only is this dessert a lovely choice visually, its sweetness and its richness is perfect for the cold holiday season. You may choose to have actual slices of lovely red velvet cheese, but red velvet cheesecake brownies look beautiful when plated appropriately, and they are easy to serve.

Cranberry Balls

When you are in the mood for something stunning in both flavor and presentation, consider cranberry balls. Cranberry balls involve whole fresh cranberries pinned to structures using toothpicks. People can simply walk by and grab a fresh piece of sweet, crisp fruit when they are looking for a snack. The cranberry balls also look quite beautiful as part of the décor, giving you a double score!

Caprese Salad Bites

Holiday parties are all about rich food, and you’ll find that one way to get that feeling of luxury and flavor is through the use of caprese salad bites. You can make caprese salad bites very easily by skewering a chunk of mozzarella, a bit of tomato and a basil leaf together. If you want to make it even richer, consider wrapping it all around with a slice of prosciutto before serving it. These bite-sized treats are lovely in winter.

Barbecue Meatballs

When winter comes around, sometimes, you just want something lovely and lush, and that is where barbecue meatballs come in Some people need meat to feel that a meal is complete, and meatballs can do just that. You can simply include meatballs as a main dish, but if you want a very a la carte feeling for your event, skewer them with toothpicks instead. You may choose to make your meatballs very plain or very flavorful, and you can also play with the sauce to get a wonderfully rich flavor out of your meat choices.

Olive Plate

When winter time rolls around, many of us are craving things like salt. If you want to make sure that your guests get a full complement of flavors at your holiday party, be sure to consider an olive plate. If you want to plate it attractively, do not simply leave the olives in their containers. Instead, spread them out on a loose bundle of rosemary. Not only will the scent be amazing, the presentation will be impressive!

Take a few moments to learn more about how you can masterfully cater your own holiday party!

Beth is an Event Planner for Trippas White Group in Australia, specialising in event planning and corporate catering for events of all sizes. Beth knows that hosting a successful event can often depend on the quality of the catering and is always willing to share some of her experience and tips.

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