Bring In Crowds and Boost Business with Gourmet Popcorn

One look at a heaping bowl of delicious gourmet popcorn makes it easy to understand why it’s such a well-loved treat all over the world. The aroma can put people in a trance and convince them to reach out and try a sample. Bars have been using popcorn and other snacks to bring in customers, increase sales and keep them coming back for more. So why can’t other businesses use this marketing method to their advantage?

Flavored popcorn can be used to entice potential leads to check out a business and increase the chances of keeping them there to close a deal or connect with them to gain a loyal follower. Below are several marketing ideas using gourmet popcorn to increase sales.



Offering treats to clients while they’re at a place a business is a great way to relax them, especially if they are running errands with small children. Nothing pacifies a crying child quicker than a delicious treat like gourmet popcorn. It is also a way to show customer appreciation.

In-Store Celebrations or Sales

Major sales, milestones, holidays and birthdays are a perfect excuse to invite the public to come and have a party. With gourmet popcorn, cake, refreshments, balloons and great deals, potential and current customers will have a wonderful time. As well, with everyone’s spirits lifted up while they walk around munching on their popcorn it couldn’t be a better situation. They will stay longer and be more willing to chit-chat and connect with staff. Additionally, there is a big opportunity to advertise the business and the special occasion being celebrated and offer some coupons or contests to increase the number of people coming to the event. The company website, an email newsletter and social media are great ways to make the announcement. By advertising on the company website, customers could be given a special code entitling them to a gift or extra discounts. This will provide a way to monitor how effective the different marketing methods were.

Trade Shows

With so much competition in one area, it is challenging to attract attendees to a specific trade show booth. However, with bowls of colorful gourmet popcorn people will happily wait in line for their chance to grab a handful. While they’re in line, staff will have plenty of time to chat with each person, collect contact information or make sales. This step could be taken further, and small tins could be given away with the company contact information and logo on them. Alternatively, larger tins loaded with gourmet popcorn and other business products or discounts on services could be assembled in a gift basket given away as a prize. Sales may increase because the attendees will be content.

Charity Event – Connect With a Not for Profit Organization

Although charity events aren’t usually directly associated with making sales, they can be a great event for a business to host.  The money raised will go to a good cause, and the event will be excellent exposure for the business. As well, it demonstrates how dedicated the company is to the community; this will help build a following of customers. These charity events could include a movie night where both the non-profit organization and the business could work together to sell tins of gourmet popcorn to cover the event costs.

Become a Popcorn Seller

It is common for gourmet popcorn businesses to offer opportunities for other companies to sell their gourmet popcorn. By becoming a seller or buyer of wholesale popcorn the costs of giving this one-of-a-kind treat away can be lightened.

Specialty Popcorn Wholesale

Buying wholesale is a great way to save money and stay completely stocked-up for customers in-store, at special business events, non-profit fund-raising and trade shows. When gourmet popcorn is bought in bulk, discounts are given on the cost.

Specialty Popcorn Distribution

Often people can join a company and become a distributor of gourmet popcorn. How the process works is that distributors buy the tantalizing treats at a special discounted rate from the company and then are given an area to sell the popcorn. The distributor then sells the popcorn directly to customers in their area and makes around 50% profits on all popcorn sold.

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    We are interested in adding popcorn to our business. The picture in this article of popcorn dispensers is of particular interest. I would also like to find a list of wholesale distributors.


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